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Dr Aileen O’Driscoll is Assistant Professor in Media and Communications at the School of Communications, Dublin City University. Her interests are in the Cultural and Creative Industries. She has most recently published research which focused on the lives, inspirations and motivations of women working in a range of creative professions in Ireland. Aileen has contributed to research for the Global Media Monitoring Project, as well as looking at the representation of women’s voices on Ireland’s airwaves. With an interest in arts and culture, especially focusing on women’s involvement in these fields, Aileen was formerly on the organising committee of the annual Dublin Feminist Film Festival.


Year Publication
2022 O’Driscoll, A. (2022) Creative Women in Ireland: Not Your Muse. [Link]
2019 O'Driscoll, Aileen (2019) Learning to Sell Sex(ism): Advertising Students and Gender. UK: Palgrave Macmillan. [DOI]

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 O'Driscoll, Aileen (2021) 'Documenting the changing cultural values in TV advertising in Ireland from 1960s to 1980s'. Creative Industries Journal, .
2019 O'Driscoll, Aileen (2019) 'From sex objects to bumbling idiots: tracing advertising students' perceptions of gender and advertising'. Feminist Media Studies, 19 (5). [DOI]
2016 O'Driscoll, Aileen (2016) 'It's Just One of Those Gender Role Things: the Woman Does the Shopping, and the Man Fixes the Doors: Irish Advertising Students and Postfeminist Gendered Discourses'. Irish Communications Review, 15 (1):112-145. [Link] [DOI]

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2020 Healion, K., O’Driscoll, A., O’Meara, J. and Stone, K. (2020) 'Activism through Celebration: The role of the Dublin Feminist Film Festival in supporting women in Irish film, 2014–17' In: Women in Irish Film: Stories and Storytellers. Cork : Cork University Press.

Other Journal

Year Publication
2019 Aileen O'Driscoll (2019) 'Searching for Understanding in Alan Gilsenan’s The Meeting' (14) . [Link]
2018 Aileen O'Driscoll (2018) 'On the Threshold: Song of Granite (Pat Collins, 2017)' (13) :258-262. [Link]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Aileen O'Driscoll (2021) 4th International Symposium on Philosophy, Education, Art and History of Science, April 14-18, 2021 Paper title: The debate on prostitution in Ireland: Interrogating the growing ‘sex work is work’ narrative among academics, the media and university students Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey (online), 14/04/2021-18/04/2021.
2021 Aileen O'Driscoll (2021) MEDCOM, 6th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication Paper title: Advertising as ‘Distorted Mirror’: Cultural Values in TV advertising in Ireland from the 1960’s to 1980’s Cagliari, Italy (online), 17/06/2021-19/06/2021.
2020 Aileen O'Driscoll (2020) 6th International Conference on Media and Popular Culture, 11 January 2020 Paper presented: Taking Matters into our Own Hands: Women in the Creative and Cultural Industries Leeds, UK, .
2018 Aileen O'Driscoll (2018) Irish Audience Studies Network Symposium Paper title: Mapping audience engagement with film festivals: 3 case-studies Maynooth University, .
2018 Aileen O'Driscoll (2018) Irish Screen Studies Seminar Roundtable discussion about film festivals. Attended as organiser of Dublin Feminist Film Festival Queens University Belfast, .
2017 Aileen O'Driscoll (2017) Men, Masculinities, Gender Presented paper 'What about the men?’ Attitudes to gender stereotyping among advertising students' Carlow IT, .
2016 Aileen O'Driscoll (2016) DCU Advertising Research Symposium Presentation of doctoral study DCU, .
2016 Aileen O'Driscoll (2016) IAMCR Presentation of doctoral study Leicester, .
2014 Aileen O'Driscoll (2014) ‘Gender & Metamorphosis’, Sibéal Conference Presentation of doctoral study TCD, Dublin, .
2014 Aileen O'Driscoll (2014) ‘Some Indexical You: Gender in the Twenty-First Century’ Presentation of doctoral study University of Ulster, Belfast, .
2014 Aileen O'Driscoll (2014) International Conference: Gender in focus: (new) trends in media Presentation of doctoral study University of Minho, Praga, Portugal, .

Published Report

Year Publication
2015 Dr Kathy Walsh, Dr Jane Suiter, and Orla O’Connor (2015) Hearing Women’s Voices? Exploring women’s underrepresentation in current affairs radio programming at peak listening times in Ireland. NWCI and DCU, .
2013 Gender Equality Division, Department of Justice, Ireland (2013) Women's Economic Engagement and the Europe 2020 Agenda: Report of an EU-Presidency Conference. European Commission, . [Link]
2013 European Institute for Gender Equality (2013) Review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States: Women and the Media — Advancing gender equality in decision-making in media organisations. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, . [Link]
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Kick-Starting the Stalled Revolution: The ASA’s Challenge to Gender Stereotypes 2017 Newspaper column (online) Aileen O'Driscoll
Feminist Film Festival Dublin 2016 2016 Newspaper column (online) Aileen O'Driscoll

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Cultural and Creative Industries; feminist communication and media; advertising education

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Kiely ,Yvonne PhD Supervisor

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2022 Introduction to Social Studies CM107
2022 Analysing Visual Media Texts CM135
2022 Race and the Media CM391
2020 Research Methods CM570