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Professor Emeritus, B.C.L., Barrister-at-Law, Ph.D. Email: Former chair of the Masters in Journalism programme at DCU. Member of faculty, School of Communications, DCU, 1982-2015. Special interests include media, culture, the environment and history. He created in 2020 the website, a resource for self-starting climate groups. Awarded in 2018 the gold medal of the Irish Legal History Society. Elected in 2017 an honorary bencher of King's Inns. Won in 2005 the DCU President's Award for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Member of the Irish broadcasting regulator 1998-2003 and 2010-2015. Founding board member of the E.U. Media Desk in Ireland, and member of the Irish government's Media Mergers Advisory Group 2008. Former RTE reporter/presenter, and later produced Ireland's first two independently commissioned current affairs programmes. Long-standing journalist and regular columnist with Irish national newspapers. His Irish-American Odyssey (University of Missouri Press, 2014) is a study of immigrants in the USA with particular reference to a family active in the arts, law and media. His other books include Moments that Changed Us: Ireland after 1973 (Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 2005), The Power of Silence: Silent Communication in Daily Life (Karnac, London, 2011, & Geulnurim, Seoul, 2016) and The Enigma of Arthur Griffith: 'Father of Us All' (Merrion, Newbridge, 2020).

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2021 Although not "peer-reviewed" academically, journalism is "peer-reviewed" professionally (2021) '-' .
2021 Colum Kenny (2021) 'The poet (Yeats), the politician (Griffith) and the 'hysterical' sideswipe' .
2021 Colum Kenny (2021) 'New primate faces both problem and opportunity' .
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'Irishman's Diary [Arthur Griffith and end of Cork Hunger Strike]' .
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'Phil Hogan's apology' .
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'Crisis of leadership in our cabinet' .
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'Friendly Enemies: Arthur Griffith, W.B. Yeats and Hysteria' (122) .
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'F.H. O'Donnell: a virulent anti-Semite' :30-32.
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'Padraic Colum and Homer' .
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'The Inflience of Arthur Griffith on the Writings of James Joyce' .
2019 Colum Kenny (2019) 'Real Change Needed to Rein in Web Companies' .
2018 Colum Kenny (2018) 'Blasphemy Referendum is Facile' .
2018 Colum Kenny (2018) 'What if ban on adds alters result of referendum? Google and Facebook not accountable' .
2017 Colum Kenny (2017) 'Not Irish enough for free university fees' .
2017 Colum Kenny (2017) 'Over-education claim is another attack on youth' .
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) 'RTE party leaders debate missed the Greens' 17 Feb .
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) 'Galloway's legal victory in Google case strikes blow for liberty' 3 February .
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) 'Cologne assaults raise questions for the media' 15 January .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) '1993-2015: many articles on media, culture and society in Ireland's most widely read broadsheet across all social classes' .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'Banking enquiry must follow money trail and not go barking up wrong tree' .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'Ensuring justice and equality in broadcasting' .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'Irish prime minister travels to US, rides horses, helps rescue crash victims' .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'Why we should vote against lowering the age of candidates [for] President' .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'Merger rules are no substitute for media policy' .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'Young people deserve better than the failed presidency referendum' .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'Lack of civility in political debates damaging society' .
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'Ireland welcomes new ambassador' .
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'On writing An Irish American Odyssey' .
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'Why emigrants should have the vote in Ireland' .
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'Government must act to end enforced silence on Broadcasting Authority' .
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'Ad-king James O'Shaughnessy was the Irish-speaking son of a poor Galway emigrant' .
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'Fascination with Irish America inspired 'Odyssey'' 88 .
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'Our shifting Irish identity merits wise celebration' .
2012 Colum Kenny (2012) 'Action on media mergers legislation required now' .
2012 Colum Kenny (2012) 'Coalition invited trouble with biased assumptions' .
2012 Colum Kenny (2012) 'Fairness on the airwaves vital to electorate ' .
2012 Colum Kenny (2012) 'Cardinal George Should Reconsider, Meet Irish Prime Minister' .
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) 'Guest editor and contributor of articles, special Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh issue' 6 :1-165.
2010 Colum Kenny (2010) 'eConsultations re media matters, since 2006' .
2005 Colum Kenny (2005) 'A challenge for researchers' 55 :38-49.
2002 Colum Kenny (2002) 'Forum on Broadcasting' 5 :17-20.
2001 Colum Kenny (2001) 'Is the Irish media anti-Catholic?' .
1995 Colum Kenny (1995) 'Many and various 1993-5' .
1993 Colum Kenny (1993) 'Many and various, 1992-3' .
1992 Colum Kenny (1992) 'Many (as Ireland correspondent for c. five years)' Various :*-*.
1992 Colum Kenny (1992) 'Many specialist articles and editorial consultant' .


Year Publication
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) The Enigma of Arthur Griffith: 'Father of us All'. Newbridge: Merrion Press.
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) The Honorable Society of King's Inns [1541-2016]. Dublin: King's Inns.
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) The Power of Silence: Silent Communication in Daily Life. Korean edition. Seoul, Korea: Geulnurim.
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) An Irish-American Odyssey: The Remarkable Rise of the O'Shaughnessy Brothers. : University of Missouri Press.
2013 Colum Kenny & Daire Hogan (eds) (2013) Changes in Practice and Law. : Four Courts Press.
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) Irish Patriot, Publisher and Advertising Agent: Kevin J. Kenny (1881-1954). : Ox Pictures, with the support of Dublin City University Library.
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) The Power of Silence: Silent Communication in Daily Life. UK edition. London: Karnac Books.
2009 Colum Kenny et al (2009) Dictionary of Irish Biography (invited contributions). : Cambridge University Press.
2008 Sreenan, P., Kenny, C. et al. (2008) Media Mergers: Report to the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise. : Government of Ireland.
2005 Colum Kenny (2005) Moments That Changed Us. : Gill & Macmillan.
2004 Colum Kenny et al (2004) Dictionary of National Biography (invited contributions). : Oxford University Press.
2003 Colum Kenny (2003) Fearing Sellafield. : Gill & Macmillan.
2002 Colum Kenny (2002) Battle of the Books, 1972: Cultural Controversy at a Dublin library. : Four Courts Press.
1998 Colum Kenny (1998) Molaise, Abbot of Leighlin and Hermit of Holy Island: the Life and Legacy of St Laisren in Ireland and Scotland. : Morrigan Books.
1998 Colum Kenny (ed.) (1998) The Role of Believing Communities in Building Peace in Ireland. : Glencree Centre for Reconciliation.
1996 Colum Kenny (1996) Tristram Kennedy and the Revival of Irish Legal Training, 1835-1885. : Irish Academic Press.
1995 Colum Kenny (1995) Kilmainham: the History of a Settlement Older than Dublin. : Four Courts Press.
1995 Colum Kenny (1995) Standing on Bray Head: Hoping it Might Be So. : Kestral Books.
1992 Colum Kenny (1992) King's Inns and the Kingdom of Ireland: the Irish 'Inn of Court' 1541-1800. : Irish Academic Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
Professor Colum Kenny . .
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'Arthur Griffith's Rifle'. Irish Sword, 32 (130):360-372.
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'The Boyd Barretts and the new Irish State'. History Ireland, 28 (4):46-47.
2019 Colum Kenny (2019) 'A Fateful Weekend in 1921: At the Crux of Negotiations for an Anglo-Irish Treaty and an Independent Irish Parliament'. Parliaments, Estates and Representation, 39 (1):1-15.
2019 Kenny, C (2019) ''Badge of servitude'? The Irish at England's inns of court'. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics and Literature, 119 :199-227.
2018 Kenny C. (2018) 'Scissors and Paste: Arthur Griffith's use of British and other media to circumvent censorship in Ireland 1914–15'. Media History, 24 (3-4):335-349.
2018 Kenny C. (2018) 'Matthew Duane: a prudent Irish Catholic chamber counsel in England'. Eighteenth-Century Ireland, 33 :87-111.
2017 Colum Kenny (2017) 'As if by magic?: Arthur Griffith's surrender of the presidency of Sinn Féin to Éamon de Valera in 1917'. Eire-Ireland; a journal of Irish studies, 52 (3):190-211.
2017 Colum Kenny (2017) 'Sinn Féin, socialists and McSheeneys: Representations of Jews in early twentieth-century Ireland'. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 16 (2).
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2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'From Buenos Aires to Belfast to Brooklyn: William Bulfin's rambles in literary journalism'. Irish Migration Studies in Latin America, 8 .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) 'Fr Finlay, Kevin Kenny and the mystery lady investor'. 104 :51-61.
2014 Kenny C. (2014) '“The advertising problem”: An irish solution of 1910'. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 6 (1):116-130.
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'Dark walled up with stone: contrasting images of Irish Catholicism'. Etudes Irlandaises, 39 :79-97.
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'Imaginative Decoration: Peregrine Acland as Author, Adman and Political Aide'. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANADIAN STUDIES (PRINT), 50 :165-185.
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) 'Old silence, new story '. THE MERTON JOURNAL, 18 :21-28.
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1992 Colum Kenny (1992) 'Frequent articles on broadcasting for Ireland's sole professional audiovisual publication, 1989-1992'. PLAYBACK, .
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Book Review

Year Publication
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) Review of E. KInsella, Dublin City University 1980-2020: Designed To Be Different. BREV
2020 Kenny, C (2020) Irish Speakers, Interpreters and the Courts, 1754-1921. CAMBRIDGE: BREV
2019 Kenny, C (2019) Irish Questions and Jewish Questions: Crossovers in Culture. LONDON: BREV
2017 Colum Kenny (2017) Review of Carla King, Michael Davitt after the Land League 1882-1906 (Dublin, UCD Press). BREV
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) Review of W.N. Osborough, The Irish Stage: A Legal History (Four Courts Press, 2015). Dublin: BREV
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) Margot Gayle Backus, Scandal Work: James Joyce, the New Journalism, and the Home Rule Newspaper Wars. Indiana: University of Notre Dame, 2013. BREV
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) War of Words: Culture and the Mass Media in the Making of the Cold War in Europe. Ed. Judith Devlin and Christopher Hendrik Müller. UCD Press, 2013. BREV
2013 Colum Kenny (2013) Robert J. Savage, A loss of Innocence?: Television and Irish Society 1960 to 1972. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2010. BREV
2013 Colum Kenny (2013) Reflections on Crisis: The Role of the Public Intellectual. Ed. M.P. Corcoran and K. Lalor. Royal Irish Academy, 2012. In Sunday Independent. BREV
2012 Colum Kenny (2012) Eoin Carolan & Ailbhe O'Neill, Media Law in Ireland, Bloomsbury Professional, Haywards Heath & Dublin, 2010. 597 pages. BREV
2003 Colum Kenny (2003) The Law Society of Ireland, 1852-2002: portrait of a profession. Ed. E.G. Hall and Daire Hogan. Four Courts Press, 2002. in Irish Times. BREV
2000 Colum Kenny (2000) The minute book of the Faculty of Advocates. Ed. Angus Stewart. BREV

Review Articles

Year Publication
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) Literary Journalism and Ireland, in International Association for Literary Journalism Studies. REV

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Colum Kenny (2021) ''Manufactured News' and Michael Davitt's Journalism for William Randolph Hearst in South Africa and Russia' In: USA : Syracuse University Press.
2021 Colum Kenny (2021) 'Encountering religious and spiritual silences' In: London and New York : Routledge.
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) 'The Black Book of King’s Inns, Dublin, 1649-63: an annotated, chronological and contextualized transcription’' In: Dublin : Four Courts Press.
2019 Colum Kenny (2019) 'Not Every Judge a Phoenix: King's Inns Under Cromwell (with an abstract of the Black Book)' In: Dublin : Four Courts Press.
2019 Colum Kenny (2019) 'Two Irish Zionists and their Anti-Semitism: Michael Davitt and Arthur Griffith' In: London : TBC.
2019 Colum Kenny (2019) 'The Crickstown Barnewalls: Judges of the Pale, 1435-1690' In: Meath : Meath Archaeological and Historical Society.
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2014 Colum Kenny (2014) 'An extraordinarily clever journalist: Arthur Griffith's editorships, 1899-1919' In: Dublin : Four Courts Press.
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1990 Colum Kenny (1990) 'The records of Kings Inns, Dublin' In: D. Hogan & W.N. Osborough(Eds.). : 0.


Year Publication
2010 Kenny, C (2010) Finding a voice or fitting in? Migrants and media in the new Ireland. LONDON: ED

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2008 Colum Kenny (2008) Ethics and Journalism in Ireland 'The need for research into ethics and journalism' Dublin, 26/09/2008-26/09/2008.
2020 Colum Kenny (2020) Terence MacSwiney, Cork Men's Gaol, and the Political Hunger Strike, 1920-2020 Paper of Arthur Griffith, acting president of Dáil Éireann 1919-1920 and the end of the Cork/Brixton hunger strike University College Cork, .
2019 Colum Kenny (2019) Transnational Journalism History Paper on Africans and Irish: A case study in 'Advanced Nationalist' Journalism Groningen, Netherlands, 20/06/2019-21/06/2019.
2018 Colum Kenny (2018) Eighteenth-Century Ireland Clonmel chamber-counsel in London: Matthew Duane and the earl of Fingal 1754-1770 Waterford, 08/06/2018-10/06/2018.
2018 Colum Kenny (2018) 70th Conference for the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions 2018 Paper: One Fateful Weekend: A Crux in the Creation of an Independent Irish Parliament, 1918–1921 Vienna, Austria, 10/09/2018-13/09/2018.
2017 Colum Kenny (2017) 69th Congress of the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions (CIHAE) Paper on lawyers, law and Jacobite Ireland Orleans, France, .
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) The Web Summit Free speech in Ireland Dublin, Ireland, 02/11/2015-05/11/2015.
2012 Colum Kenny (2012) American Journalism Historians Association Annual Conference [Briefing notes re research project and contribution in sessions for networking] Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 11/10/2012-13/10/2012.
2003 Colum Kenny (2003) British and Irish Legal History Conference Chairman of session UCD, 03/07/2003-06/07/2003.
2003 Colum Kenny (2003) Conference of the Green Party of England and Wales Reporting Sellafield: the challenge for journalism Lancaster, 11/09/2003-13/09/2003.
2000 Colum Kenny (2000) Production funding for European audiovisual works Chairman Dublin, 01/03/2000-01/03/2000.
2013 Colum Kenny (2013) International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2013 conference: Crises, 'Creative Destruction' and the Global Power and Communication Orders (Paper 2) Scope for professional control over work quality, output and principles underlying academic performance indicators Dublin, Ireland, 25/06/2013-29/06/2013.
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) ECREA Communication History Workshop: 'The History of Mass Media in Europe: Towards Post-National Perspectives and [Hi-]Stories' National adaptation and transnational professional practices in early Irish advertising Dublin, 08/09/2011-09/09/2011.
2001 Colum Kenny (2001) Media and religion Chairman Dublin, 04/04/2001-04/04/2001.
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) Law and the Idea of Liberty in Ireland: From Magna Carta to the Present Myth, Audley Mervyn and the Irish Magna Carta of 1662 Christ Church Catherdal, 25/11/2016-26/11/2016.
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) Islamophobia in Dublin: Experiences and How to Respond Media, Journalism and Muslims Dublin, Ireland, 22/02/2016-22/02/2016.
2016 Colum Kenny (2016) Conflict, Migration and Identity in Modern Ireland Shinners, socialists and 'McSheeneys': media representations of Jewish immigrants in Edwardian Ireland, 1903-1911 Trinity College Dublin-VISUAL-Carlow Conference, 12/04/2016-15/04/2016.
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) Pulling Together or Pulling Apart: Spain, Europe, the West Creating the narrative of conflict: the role and contribution of media Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 25/06/2015-27/06/2015.
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS): Irish Speculations Speculating on Irish-America: W.T. Cosgrave's visit of 1928 and the shift from a political to an economic focus on Ireland's needs Florida, USA, 24/04/2015-28/04/2015.
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) The Future of Television The role of TG4 in Ireland Pamplona, Spain, 12/11/2015-13/11/2015.
2015 Colum Kenny (2015) Periodicals and Journalism in 20th Century Ireland Arthur Griffith: More Zionist than Anti-Semite National Library of Ireland, 28/02/2015-28/02/2015.
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) International Association for Literary Journalism Studies: Literary Journalism: Local, Regional, National, Global From Buenos Aires to Belfast to The Bronx: William Bulfin's rambles in literary journalism Paris, France, 15/05/2014-17/05/2014.
2014 Colum Kenny (2014) iBam (Irish Books, Arts and Music) Politics, punch and art: A Chicago family's Irish-American Odyssey Chicago, USA, 04/10/2014-05/10/2014.
2013 Colum Kenny (2013) International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2013 conference: Crises, 'Creative Destruction' and the Global Power and Communication Orders (Paper 1) Selling a nation: the transnational adoption of professional advertising practices for national purposes at a time of crisis Dublin, Ireland, 25/06/2013-29/06/2013.
2013 Colum Kenny (2013) Parnell Summer School A surprising hero: President W.T. Cosgrave in the USA, in the context of Irish leaders’ visits from Parnell to Enda Kenny Avondale, Co. Wicklow, 11/08/2013-16/08/2013.
2013 Colum Kenny (2013) Joint Journalism and Media History Conference of the American Journalism Historians Association and the AEJMC James O'Shaughnessy: Chicago journalist and American adman New York, USA, 09/03/2013-10/03/2013.
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) Voices from China Journalist, lawyer and friend of China, Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh, fifth president of Ireland Dublin, 03/02/2011-09/02/2011.
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) Communicating Diversity: 2nd AMARC European Conference The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Community Radio Dublin, 24/02/2011-26/02/2011.
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) WFAE 2011 International Conference for Acoustic Ecology. Invited to present paper but did not attend Eloquent silences: the interdependence of sound and silence in verbal communications Corfu, Greece, 03/10/2011-07/10/2011.
2011 Colum Kenny (2011) UCD Lawyers and Public Life: 100 Years of Activism and Influence The move to Belfield and social activism Dublin, Ireland, 12/11/2011-12/11/2011.
2010 Colum Kenny (2010) Media, Religion & Culture The Media and Non-Christian Culture in Ireland: Case-studies with James Joyce, Buck Mulligan, Samuel Beckett, Moses and other Jews Toronto, Canada, 09/08/2010-13/08/2010.
2010 Colum Kenny (2010) Media, Religion and Culture Teaching Belief and Communication at the school of communications, Dublin City University Toronto, Canada, 09/08/2010-13/08/2010.
2010 Colum Kenny (2010) Changing Boundaries: Spirituality and Education Dublin, 22/06/2010-23/06/2010.
2009 Colum Kenny (2009) Ethics Seminar Silence and Ethics University of Louisville, KY, 20/02/2009-.
2008 Colum Kenny. (2008) European media merger policy Irish media mergers policy in transition University of Exeter, 09/03/2008-10/03/2008.
2008 Colum Kenny. (2008) International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) ‘Contrasting or complementary: a critical analysis of Cardinal Avery Dulles’ reflections on the nature of news media.’ University of Stockholm, 20/07/2008-25/07/2008.
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2007 Colum Kenny (2007) Political Studies Association, Media & Politics Group Annual Conference Significant Journalism: Television, Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church in Ireland Stoke-On-Trent, 08/11/2007-09/11/2007.
2007 Colum Kenny (2007) Fine Gael Party Symposium (independent guest speaker) Future social and cultural trends and issues Galway, 11/09/2007-12/09/2007.
2007 Colum Kenny (2007) The second annual C.S. Lewis Lecture Introduction Dublin, 24/09/2007-24/09/2007.
2006 Colum Kenny (2006) Federation of Local History Groups: Kildare. Annual conference What exactly does ‘local history’ mean? Kilcullen. Co. Kildare, 06/05/2006-06/05/2006.
2006 Colum Kenny (2006) Defamation and Privacy Defamation, privacy and media regulation Trinity College Dublin, 30/09/2006-30/09/2006.
2006 Colum Kenny (2006) Symposium on Press Regulation (organiser) Introduction Dublin City University, 30/05/2006-30/05/2006.
2006 Colum Kenny. (2006) Bare Bones of a Fanlight: Georgian Dublin By no means relished by the gentlemen of the bar: King’s Inns at Constitution Hill University College Dublin, 05/05/2006-06/05/2006.
2006 Colum Kenny (2006) Fifth International Conference on Media, Religion, and Culture: “Mediating religion in the context of multicultural tension” Branding, Identity and Young People: a Case Study Sigtuna, Sweden, 09/07/2006-12/07/2006.
2006 Colum Kenny (2006) Privacy: Developments in the European Court of Human Rights “Privacy and privilege” Royal Irish Academy, 13/12/2006-13/12/2006.
2005 Colum Kenny (2005) Media and Belief in an Interdependent World. The American University, Paris Visible targets and invisible people: radio in Dublin Paris, 04/03/2005-03/06/2005.
2005 Colum Kenny. (2005) “Brian Merriman in the European Context”, Eighteenth Century Ireland Society with Cumann Merriman Nolumus mutari: change and the legal profession University of Limerick, 10/06/2005-11/06/2005.
2004 Colum Kenny (2004) Fourth international Conference on Media, Religion and Culture, Kentucky, USA Sacred space and the media: a response Louisville, Kentucky, 30/08/2004-04/09/2004.
2004 Colum Kenny (2004) International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture A Crucial Role: Television, Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church in Ireland Louisville, 30/08/2004-04/09/2004.
2004 Colum Kenny (2004) International Association for Language and Intercultural Communication Súil Eile: another way of seeing minority language broadcasting Dublin, 12/11/2004-14/11/2004.
2003 Colum Kenny (2003) British and Irish Legal History Conference Adventures in training: the Irish genesis of the United Kingdom Select Committee on Legal Education, 1846 UCD, 03/07/2003-06/07/2003.
2003 Colum Kenny (2003) Community Radio Forum conference, University College Cork Community radio and public service broadcasting UCC, 03/09/2003-04/09/2003.
2001 Colum Kenny (2001) Finding compassion in our changing world Chairman Dublin Castle, 06/10/2001-07/10/2001.
2000 Colum Kenny (2000) Society in the new millennium Speaker Ennis, 09/11/2000-10/11/2000.
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Research Interests

Audiovisual policy, Broadcasting, Cultural studies, History, Journalism, Law, Media, Storytelling, Belief.