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Researcher and Lecturer, Trudy is a staff member of the School of Policy and Practice, Institute of Education, DCU. Founder of the DCU Intergenerational Learning Programme (DCUILP) and one of the co-founders of the DCU Age Friendly University Initiative (DCU AFU). Her research interests are in adult education and lifelong learning. This includes developing Intergenerational Learning as a high quality pedagogical practice in higher education.

Trudy is interested in evaluating intergenerational learning as an integral part of 21st Century Learning in higher education. In addition she is interested in how this innovative pedagogical practice influences teacher education in early childhood, primary and second level schools. This  includes using the expertise and experience of retired people as mentors to third level students in developing personal and professional knowledge and skills.

The DCU Intergenerational Learning Programme  was one of the first DCU initiatives/flagships which has now developed into the DCU Age Friendly University Global networks. Trudy was vice-chair who together with the President and colleagues from DCU, Arizona State University (ASU) and the University of Strathclyde, were the first three universities to develop the 10 Principles of an Age-Friendly University in 2012. These principles have now been developed by 51 colleges world wide. Trudy is currently developing research which embraces the knowledge, expertise and lived experience of older people to be used for high quality learning in higher education.        

Trudy is interested in the concept of a stimulated mind in aging. In addition she is interested in the benefits of the provision of teaching and learning opportunities at third level as a significant contribution towards independent living in aging. Her research includes evaluating the role of Intergenerational Learning as a contribution to the continuing personal and professional development of older people, third level students and as a contribution to critical thinking and reflection in third level learning.

Trudy's experience has previously been in Adult Education and in Professional Development both at third level and in Colleges of Further Education. Her other research interests are developing communities of learning both on campus and online  that are inclusive of engaging older and young people in the arts, the sciences and in the inclusion of  intercultural and cross generational populations in higher education. Trudy supervises master's students and doctoral thesis students, and trainee teachers in their work-based practice.In recent weeks she has adopted to the move to online teaching for all modules and embraces the use of this form of learning as a hybrid model for the new academic year. This has also influenced her interests in developing online learning as a blended form of learning both within mainstream higher level teaching and learning, and in older adult learning. Trudy is the principal investigator of an Erasmus Project which is  currently evaluating the benefits of smart home technology for older adults. This is to assist in lifelong learning and to facilitate them to live independently in their own homes.  

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2015 Corrigan, T & Glynn,M. (2015) Irish Learning Technology Association Beyond the Horizon: Policy, Practice and Possibilities Older Learners and Technology; Introducing Digital Badges as a form of assessment in higher education in the context of intergenerational engagement University of Limerick, 28/05/2015-20/05/2015.
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Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2017 Pstross, M;Corrigan, T;Knopf, RC;Sung, H;Talmage, CA;Conroy, C;Fowley, C (2017) 'The Benefits of Intergenerational Learning in Higher Education: Lessons Learned from Two Age Friendly University Programs'. Innovative Higher Education, 42 :157-171.
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Year Publication
2012 Corrigan, Trudy (2012) Intergenerational Learning: An Evaluation of an Emerging Pedadogy. Dublin City University: ABST

Edited Book

Year Publication
2020 Professor Bernard Nchindila and Dr Trudy Corrigan (Ed.). (2020) London: Intech Open Access,

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2018 Dryjanska Laura & Giua, Roberto (2018) 'Silver Universe' In: United States : Lexington.
2012 Dr Trudy Corrigan (2012) 'Intergenerational Learning: An Evaluation of an Emerging Pedagogy in Higher Education' In: Dr Carmel Mulcahy, Dr Silvia Nikolova and Dr Geraldine Scanlon(Eds.). Bulgaria : Ex-Press Ltd, Gabrovo.
2007 Corrigan, Trudy (2007) 'Using eLearning to Support Mature Students at third Level' In: Dublin : 0.
2005 Corrigan, T. (2005) 'Growing into Greatness' In: Dublin : Aontas.


Year Publication
2005 Corrigan, Trudy (2005) Learning to Grow- Educational learning opportunities for older people. REPORT

Published Report

Year Publication
2019 King, F., Feeney, M., Corrigan, T., Flynn, P., Furlong, c., Lodge, A., NiGhairbhith, L., Tiernan, P., & White, J. (2019) Beyond what works: what matters in Irish Changemaker Schools. Dublin City University, .
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Professional Associations

Association Function From / To
Member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 06/04/2011 - 06/04/2012
ENIL European Network for Intergenerational Learning ENIL 04/05/2009 - 31/12/2012

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/08/2013 Insight Award DCULP /AshokaU Ashoka University
SFI Award


Committee Function From / To
Age Friendly Dublin City Council To facilitate an Age Friendly initiative for Dublin City in collaboration with education institutes and universities. 03/05/2012 - 31/12/1999
Member of Board of Management for College of Further Education 01/01/2008 - 01/01/2011


Employer Position From / To
Dublin City University Lecturer/Researcher/Director of DCU ILP 10/09/2004 - 31/12/9999

Other Activities

To introduce older students to the richness of Seamus Heaney Poetry through the use of archived resources and online artifacts and through discussion and engagement together.
To bring older people and younger students together to meet in a learning environment so that both generations of students can learn from each other. This is a Pilot study which is aimed at researching the possibility of a joint learning centre for older people and younger students at third level.

Creative Outputs

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2019 Dr Trudy Corrigan-Sceal and Ubuntu Listen Again Recording
2020 World Cafe and Intergenerational Learning Exhibition
2013 PhotoWings & AshokaU Insights Grant Winner Documentary

Enterprise Engagement

Year Engagement Type Client Description
2015 Invited talk/presentation Teaching and Learning Award RCSI Invited to Present at RCSI seminar on Intergenerational Engagement
2018 Invited talk/presentation Cost Action Programme 21st Century Learning: Intergenerational Learning in Higher Education

Outreach Activities

Year Engagement Type Organisation Description
Developed creative writing group based on invitations to be a guest speaker at meetings for Third Age
Invited to be a member of Dublin City Council Age Friendly Initiatives

Research Interests

Intergenerational Learning as a pedagogy used in higher education. The development of communities of learning in higher education that is intercultural and cross generational. Personal and Professional development of learning in later life. Valuing the scholarship of eldership-embracing the knowledge and wisdom of older people in higher education. Encore career opportunities. Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. Mediation Skills in the workplace. Access, equity and inclusion at third Level. Innovative learning and the impact of educational opportunities in relation to human,social and cultural capital. Intergenerational Learning and learning opportunities for older and younger people at third level, click here for the Intergenerational Learning Project website. Mentoring and Peer Learning. Citizenship and Education. Action Research/Research Perspectives. Innovative Access Routes to third level in association with the HEA. Benefits of ICT for the Knowledge Economy. Benefits of ICT for Professional Development in Education. Creating communities of practice/ and learning organisations in the workplace. Lifelong learning. Learning opportunities in higher education for older people. The Scholarship of Eldership

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date
ICARO Project Acquired project and now a participant 14/11/2017 18/12/2019

Contract Researchers

Researcher Name Project Funding Body
Dr Alfredo Salomao Filho Smart Your Home

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External Kobe University Japan Kobe University Academic

Teaching Interests

Intergenerational Learning, Lifelong Learning, Teacher Education, 21st Century Learning.

Modules Coordinated

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2022 Advanced Teaching Strategies ES208
2022 Developing a Research Perspective ES313
2022 Policy & Structures in Education & Training ES202
2021 Project 1 ES3240