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Worked as 'project Engineer' with Ericsson for 4 years - having left Ireland with an Arts Degree. Then moved fulltime into Education working at Northampton College and Luton University - before moving back home to DCU. Having progressed to Senior Lecturer and working as Associate Dean of Research for the Faculty, before becoming Head of School of Communications. He is currently a Professor in the School and alongside teaching on a masters in Climate Change, he is a co-Director of the Climate and Society Research Centre.


Year Publication
2022 Brereton, Pat (2022) Essential Concepts of Environmental Communication: an A-Z Guide. London: Routledge.
2019 Brereton, Pat (2019) Environmental Literacy and New Digital Audiences. London: Routledge.
2015 Brereton, Pat (2015) Environmental Ethics and Film. : Earthscan Routledge.
2015 Furze, Robert (2015) The Visceral Screen: Between the Cinemas of John Cassavetes and David Cronenberg. : Intellect.
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2004 Pat Brereton (2004) Hollywood Utopia:Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema. : Intellect Press.
2001 Brereton, Pat (2001) Continuum Guide to Media Education. : Continuum Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Brereton, Pat (2021) 'Environmental Ethics of Survival: Case study analysis of I am Legend and The Revenant' In: The Ethics of Survival in Contemporary Literature and Culture. London : Springer Nature Palgrave MacMillan.
2020 Brereton, Pat (2020) 'Environmental Literacy: An Overview - Case study readings of Oblivion (2013); Hacksaw Ridge (2016) and Black Mirror (2011- )' In: Handbook of Research on Multidisciplinary Approaches to Literacy in the Digital Age. Turkey : IGI Global.
2020 Torney, D, Devaney, L. & Brereton, P. (2020) 'Ireland's Citizens' Assembly on Climate Change: Institutional Poineership by a Climate Laggard?' In: Climate Governance Across the Globe. London : Routledge.
2020 Brereton, Pat (2020) 'Cultural and Visual responses to climate Change: Zombie films and Farming' In: Ireland and the Climate Crisis. London : Palgrave.
2020 Brereton Pat (2020) 'Eco-Sustainability, Nature, Gender and Trees: A Case Study of Avatar, How Harry Became a Tree and The Tree of Life' In: Madness in the Woods: Representations of the Ecological Uncanny. London : Peter Lang. [Link]
2020 Brereton Pat (2020) 'Representations of a Green Ireland: A case study of global franchises Star Wars and Game of Thrones' In: The Routledge Companion to Media and Tourism. London : Routledge. [Link]
2019 Brereton Pat (2019) 'Perceptions of Place in an Irish Energy Landscape on Film' In: Narratives of Place in Literature and Film. London : Routledge.
2018 Roth, Michael et al. (2018) 'Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality' In: Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality. Berlin Germany : Jovis.
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2015 Brereton, Pat (2015) 'Cinema, Ecology and Environment' In: Anders Hansen and Robert Cox(Eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Communication. : Routledge.
2014 Pat Brereton (2014) 'Shipwrecks and Desert Islands: Ecology and Nature: A Case Study of how Reality TV and Fictional Films frame representations of Islands' In: Brigitte Le Jeuz et al(Eds.). Shipwrecks and Desert Islands. UK : Rodophi.
2014 Brereton, Pat (2014) 'Irish Ecology on Film' In: Rayston K Alex and S. Susan Deborah and Sachindev. P.S(Eds.). Culture Media: Eco-Critical Explorations. UK : Cambridge Scholars.
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2013 Brereton, Pat (2013) 'Irish Eco-cinema: A Survey' In: Eco=cinema Reader. : Cambridge Scholars.
2012 Brereton, Pat (2012) 'Teaching with DVD Add-ons' In: Lucy Fischer and Patrice Petro(Eds.). Teaching Film. New York : Modern Languages Association of America MLA.
2012 Brereton, Pat (2012) 'Digital Impacts on Documentary in Ireland' In: Carol MacKeogh and Diog O'Connell(Eds.). Documentary in a Changing State: Ireland Since the 1990s. Cork Ireland : Cork University Press.
2012 Pat Brereton (2012) 'Appreciating the Views: Filming Nature; Into the Wild, Grizzly Man, and Into the West' In: Stephen Rust, Salma Monani and Sean Cubitt(Eds.). EcoCinema Reader. : Routledge.
2011 Pat Brereton (2011) ''Ecology as a concept' and 'environmental education'' In: Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues [4 volumes]. : Salem Press.
2009 Pat Brereton (2009) 'Ireland's America: A Case Study of Sheridan's In America (2002) and Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)' In: Ruth Barton(Eds.). Screening Irish-America: Representing Irish-America in Film and Television. Dublin : Irish Academic Press.
2009 Pat Brereton (2009) 'Farming on Irish Film: An eclogical reading' In: Sidney I. Dobrin Sean Morey(Eds.). Ecosee: Image, Rhetoric, Nature. : State University of New York.
2007 Dr Pat Brereton (2007) 'Characteristics of Contemporary Irish Film' In: Mapping Irish Media: Critical Explorations. Dublin, Ireland : UCD Press.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2020 David Robbins, Diarmuid Torney and Pat Brereton (Ed.). (2020) Ireland and the Climate Crisis. London: Palgrave,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Brereton, Pat and Barrios- O'Neill, Danielle (2021) 'Irish Energy Landscapes on Film'. Journal of Environmental Media, 2 (1):101-115.
2021 Murphy, P. & O'Brolchain, F. & Brereton P. (2021) 'Ontology in STS and its Applicability to Energy Research, a response to Hess and Savocool and Savacool et al'. Energy Research and Social Science, .
2020 Pamplany, Augustine, Gordijn, Bert and Brereton, Pat (2020) 'The Ethics of Geoengineering: A Literature Review'. Science and Engineering Ethics, :1-51. [Link]
2020 Brereton, Pat et al. Torney, D, Devaney, L and Coleman, M. (2020) 'Environmental literacy and deliberative democracy: a content analysis of written submissions to the Irish Citizens’ Assembly on climate change'. Climate Change, :1-20.
2020 Brereton Pat (2020) 'An Eco-reading of Documentary/Fictional Narratives'. IRISH STUDIES IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (ONLINE), :1-15. [Link]
2020 Brereton, Pat & Victoria Gomez (2020) 'Media Students, Climate Change and YouTube Celebrities: Readings of Dear Future Generations: Sorry video clip'. ISLE Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, 27 (1).
2020 Laura Devaney;Diarmuid Torney;Pat Brereton;Martha Coleman (2020) 'Ireland’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change: Lessons for Deliberative Public Engagement and Communication'. Environmental Communication, 14 (2):141-146. [Link]
2019 Brereton, Pat and Sean Shanagher (2019) 'Pilgrim Hill: Alienated Farmers and Degraded Ecologies'. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, .
2019 Brereton Pat (2019) 'Filming imagined and real catastrophe: Environmental trauma and natural disasters'. Journal of Science and Popular Culture, 2 (2):157-170. [DOI]
2019 Brereton Pat (2019) 'Environmental Ethics and Energy Extraction: Textual Analysis of Iconic Cautionary Hollywood Tales: Chinatown (1974), There Will be Blood (2007), and Promised Land (2012)'. ISLE Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, :1-20. [DOI]
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2001 Brereton, P (2001) 'Aesthetics and Ecology: Utopianism and Fascist Aesthetics - An appreciation of 'Nature' in Documentary/Fiction Film'. :33-50.

Other Journal

Year Publication
2021 O'Brolchain, F. and Brereton P. (2021) 'Learning Environmental Lessons while facing up to Covid-19: readings of The Andromeda Strain, Contagion and World War Z' 4 (1) . [Link]
2021 Alawdawy, Merfat, Bajnaid, Ayman and Brereton Pat (2021) 'The influence of Turkish Drama on Socio-cultural values of Saudi women' 15 (4) .
2020 Pat Brereton (2020) 'Could the War Metaphor Help Drive Behaviour Change to Tackle Climate Change' 27 (2) :58-59.
2018 Brereton Pat (2018) 'Food Documentaries and Green Anxieties: Actively Promoting Environmental Literacy A Case Study reading of Food Inc. (2008) Cowspiracy (2014) and Our Daily Bread (2005' :1-10. [Link]
2016 Brereton, Pat (2016) 'Environmental Trauma and Natural Disasters: An Ecological and Cultural Reading of The Impossible (2012) and Take Shelter (2011)' 1 (5) :32-39. [Link]
2016 Pat Brereton and Dave Robbins (2016) 'Claims and Frames: How the News Media Cover Climate Change' 4 (2) .
2015 Brereton, Pat (2015) 'Review of Brooklyn' 2015 . [Link]
2012 Dr pat brereton (2012) 'Editorial of special Irish issue of MEJ' :2-3.
2012 Brereton, Pat (2012) 'British-Irish Representations on TV, Beyond the Troubles: A Case study of EastEnders and Father Ted' :4-7.
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2008 Brereton, Pat (2008) 'Religion on Television Review' .
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2007 Brereton, Pat (2007) 'Busting the Boom: The Tiger's Tail and the Pope's Children' .
2004 Pat Brereton (2004) 'War Movies: Post 9/11' no 28 Spring issue :57-65.
2004 Brereton, Pat (2004) 'The Sublime in Hollywood Film: Promoting an Ecological Agenda!' * :1-15.

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2016 Brereton, Pat (2016) Landscape Values: Place and Praxis . In: Tim Collins, Gesche Kindermann, Conor Newman and Nessa Cronin (eds) eds. Greening a More Sustainable Irish Landscape: A Reading of Postcolonial Irish Film

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
Pat Brereton MIT New Media Conference Teaching Irish Smart Cinema Boston, .
Pat Brereton ECREA - European Media conference Science Communication and Film Hamburg Germany, .
2012 Brereton, Pat (2012) French Marketing Association Sustainability Panel Brest France, 09/05/2012-11/09/2012.
2011 Pat Brereton (2011) Eco-cinema and Affect [invited Symposium in Munich Pixar's UP as Eco-cinema Munich, 20/05/2011-24/05/2011.
2011 Pat Brereton (2011) Cities for Children Cities for Children Dublin City Council, 11/04/2011-11/04/2011.
2006 Brereton, Pat (2006) 13th Conference of the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture. Sacred Space and Irish Film: A study of the documentaries of John T. Davis and Alan Gilsenan University of Sterling, Scotland, 20/10/2006-22/10/2006.
2006 Brereton, Pat (2006) INTERNATIONALISING MEDIA STUDIES: Imperatives and Impediments. University of Westminster DVD add-and and Film Teaching London, 15/09/2006-15/09/2006.
2006 Brereton, Pat (2006) SCMS Society of Film and Televisiona and New Media The Everyday Sacred [Panel discussion] with case study of films of Jim Sheridan Vancouver, Canada, 28/02/2006-04/03/2006.
2005 Brereton, Pat (2005) Society for Cinema and Media Studies [SCMS] International Conference [see] DVD add-on's: Teaching Film London, 31/03/2005-03/04/2005.
2005 Brereton, Pat (2005) International Conference of Literature and Film Tourism and Irish Film Florida State University. USA, 27/01/2005-30/01/2005.
2004 Pat Brereton (2004) The Local and the Global: Contested Terrains. Joint Faculty Conferenc e Irish Animation and Disney DCU, 24/09/2004-25/09/2004.
2004 Pat Brereton (2004) Truth and the Reel: Irish Philosophical Society The Sublime in Hollywood Film: Promoting and Ecological Agenda [To be published in Year book] Maynooth University, 20/04/2004-20/04/2004.
2004 Pat Brereton (2004) Killarney 250 Film Summer School Nature and the Environmental Imagination: Film and Tourism in Kerry/Ireland Killarney Co. Kerry, 11/06/2004-13/06/2004.
2003 Pat Brereton (2003) Media Literacy - An EU funded Symposium Media Literacy in Ireland Reading UK, 02/03/2003-03/03/2002.
2003 Pat Brereton (2003) Spectacle of the Real - film and TV conference Spielberg and Special Effects Brunuel University London, 25/01/2003-26/01/2003.
2002 Pat Brereton 'Post 9/11 War Movies' (2002) DCU/St Pats Joint Faculty Conference Joint Faculty Conference St Pats Drumcondra Dublin, 10/02/2002-12/02/2002.
2002 Pat Brereton (2002) Keeping It Real: Irish Film Media Audiences and Irish Film: with case study of Into the West and Disco Pigs University College Dublin, 19/04/2002-21/04/2002.


Year Publication
2019 Brereton Pat (2019) Hitting the Sweet Spot: Media Engagement and potential behaviour changed Potential. Dublin Ireland: ABST [Link]
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