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Dr Ruth McManus is Associate Professor in Geography and Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Before the formation of DCU's School of History & Geography she was Head of the Geography Department in St Patrick's College, Drumcondra. She is the author of Dublin 1910-1940: shaping the city and suburbs (2002, new edition 2021) and Crampton Built (2008), co-author of Building Healthy Homes: Dublin Corporation's first housing schemes 1880-1925 (2021) and co-editor of Leaders of the City (2013). Her work includes articles on various aspects of urban geography, suburban history, population, heritage, tourism and geography education. She is particularly interested in the nature of the urban and suburban landscape and much of her work focuses on the physical and social development of everyday spaces. She has many media appearances,  including TV, radio and newspaper articles.
Current projects include a book on the construction of twentieth-century Dublin, the Drumcondra fascicle for the RIA Irish Historic Towns Atlas new Dublin Suburbs series, research on lodgers,  and explorations into housing in provincial towns.  She is a member of the multidisciplinary international network on Urban Agency: The Historical Fabrication of the City as an object of study, co-ordinated by the Urban Studies Institute (Antwerp), as part of which she is co-editor of a forthcoming book. She is an editor of the Irish Historic Towns Atlas and a member of the International Commission on the History of Towns. She is the current President of the Geographical Society of Ireland.

PhD enquiries are encouraged in the areas of suburbanisation, the development of Dublin, heritage and landscape change. 


Year Publication
2021 Joe Brady, Ruth McManus (2021) Building Healthy Homes: Dublin Corporation's Early Housing Schemes 1880 – 1925. Dublin: Dublin City Council.
2021 Ruth McManus (2021) Dublin 1910-1940: shaping the city and suburbs (new edition). Dublin: Four Courts Press.
2008 Ruth McManus (2008) Crampton Built. Dublin: G. & T. Crampton.
2005 Ruth McManus (2005) 'Such Happy Harmony', Early Twentieth Century Co-operation to solve Dublin's Housing Problems. Dublin: Dublin City Public Libraries.
2005 Ruth McManus with Phil Pinch (2005) Understanding Cities Course Guide. United Kingdom: Open University.
2002 Ruth McManus (2002) Dublin 1910-1940: shaping the city and suburbs. Dublin: Four Courts Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2020 Ruth McManus (2020) 'Exploring Places of Memory and Their Legacies: Self-directed Learning, Activities and Questions for Reflection and Revision' In: Places of Memory and Legacies in an Age of Insecurities and Globalization. Cham : Springer. [Link]
2020 Ruth McManus (2020) 'Exploring places of memory and their legacies: self-directed learning, activities and questions for reflection and revision' In: Exploring places of memory: meanings, legacies and impacts in an age of insecurities and globalisation. Germany : Springer.
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) 'Contemporary landscape pressures and opportunities: the quest for a sustainable future for Leitrim' In: Leitrim History & Society. Dublin : Geography publications.
2019 Ruth McManus, Lisa Marie Griffith (2019) 'Mayoral Governance in Dublin, challenges for citizens, politics and policy' In: Dublin's Lord Mayor: a history. Dublin : Glasnevin Publications.
2018 McManus R. (2018) 'Suburbanization in Europe: A focus on Dublin' In: The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs. [DOI]
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) 'Population Geography Toolkit' In: Eportfolio based assessment: Inspiring Exploration and Supporting Evaluation for Practitioners. : eBook. [Link]
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) 'Brave New Worlds? 150 years of Irish suburban evolution' In: Imagining Irish Suburbia in Literature and Culture. London : Palgrave.
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) 'Lodging in the Ulsara area in 1911' In: Cherishing Heritage Preserving Community. Dublin : Ulsara.
2017 McManus R.;O'Reilly G. (2017) 'Heritage tourism and the commodification of contested spaces: Ireland and the battle of the boyne site' In: Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland. [DOI]
2014 Ruth McManus (2014) 'Recent Settlement Change in County Cavan, 1981-2011 (Chapter 27)' In: Cavan History and Society. Dublin : Geography Publications.
2013 Ruth McManus with Lisa-Marie Griffith (2013) 'An introduction to Dublin's first citizens' In: Leaders of the City, Dublin's first citizens, 1500-1950. Dublin : Four Courts Press.
2013 Ruth McManus (2013) 'Lord Mayor Laurence O'Neill, Alderman Tom Kelly and Dublin's housing crisis' In: Leaders of the City, Dublin's first citizens, 1500-1950. Dublin : Four Courts Press.
2011 Ruth McManus (2011) 'Celtic Tiger Housing' In: Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape, 2nd Edn. Cork : Cork University Press.
2006 Ruth McManus (2006) 'The Growth of Drumcondra 1875-1940' In: St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra, 1875-2000: a history. Dublin : Four Courts Press.
2005 Ruth McManus (2005) 'Identity Crisis? Heritage Construction, tourism and place marketing in Ireland' In: Ireland's Heritages: Critical Perspectives on Memory and Identity. London : Ashgate.
2004 Ruth McManus (2004) 'The role of public utility societies in Ireland, 1919-40' In: Surveying Ireland's Past, multidisciplinary essays in honour of Anngret Simms. Dublin : Geography Publications.
2003 Ruth McManus (2003) 'Urban Dreams, Urban Nightmares' In: Engaging Spaces, People, Place and Space from an Irish perspective. Dublin : Lilliput Press.

Edited Book

Year Publication
2021 Ilja van Damme, Ruth McManus, Michiel Dehaene (Ed.). (2021) Creativity from Suburban Nowheres: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Toronto: Toronto University Press,
2017 editor Ruth McManus, author Joseph Brady (Ed.). (2017) Dublin in the 1950s and 1960s. Dublin: Four Courts Press,
2016 editor Ruth McManus, author Joe Brady (Ed.). (2016) Dublin 1950-1970: houses, flats and high-rise. Dublin: Four Courts Press,
2014 editor Ruth McManus, author Joseph Brady (Ed.). (2014) Dublin 1930-1950: the emergence of the modern city. Dublin: Four Courts Press,
2013 McManus, Ruth & Griffith, Lisa Marie (Ed.). (2013) Leaders of the City, Dublin's first citizens, 1500-1950. Dublin: Four Courts Press,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Ruth McManus (2021) 'Lessons from reflective journaling in undergraduate eportfolios'. Irish Journal Of Technology Enhanced Learning, 6 (1):29-36. [Link]
2019 Brady J.;McManus R. (2019) 'Dublin's twentieth-century social housing policies: tenure, ‘reserved areas’ and housing type'. Planning Perspectives, . [DOI]
2018 Brady J.;McManus R. (2018) 'Marino at 100: A garden suburb of lasting influence'. Irish Geography, 51 (1):1-24. [DOI]
2018 McManus R. (2018) 'Dublin’s Lodger Phenomenon in the Early Twentieth Century'. Irish Economic and Social History, . [DOI]
2018 MCMANUS R. (2018) 'Tackling the urban housing problem in the Irish Free State, 1922–1940'. Urban History, :1-20. [DOI]
2016 Ruth McManus (2016) 'Population, vulnerability and humanitarian crises'. Geographical Viewpoint, .
2015 Ruth McManus with Gerry O'Reilly (2015) 'Practice and Theory in Geography: experiences from international collaboration for teacher education'. . [Link] [DOI]
2013 Ruth McManus with Gerry O’Reilly (2013) 'International Student Collaboration in Geography: Learning by Doing Together'. 22 :23-27.
2012 Ruth McManus with Sinead O’Shea (2012) 'Upper Buckingham Street: a Microcosm of Dublin, 1788-2012'. Studia Hibernica, (38):141-179.
2012 Ruth McManus (2012) 'Decent and artistic homes’ – housing Dublin’s middle classes in the 20th century'. DUBLIN HISTORICAL RECORD, lxv (No. 1 & 2):96-109.
2011 McManus, R (2011) 'Suburban and urban housing in the twentieth century'. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics and Literature, 111 :253-286. [DOI]
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2004 McManus R. (2004) 'Windows on a hidden world: Urban and social evolution as seen from the mews'. Irish Geography, 37 (1):37-59.
2003 McManus R. (2003) 'Blue Collars, Red Forts, and Green Fields: Working-Class Housing in Ireland in the Twentieth Century'. International Labor and Working-Class History, (64):38-54.
2001 Ruth McManus (2001) 'Recent population change in Ireland: using Internet resources in the classroom'. Geographical Viewpoint, 29 :43-49.
2001 McManus R. (2001) 'Dublin's changing tourism geography'. Irish Geography, 34 (2):103-123.
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1994 McManus R.;Brady J. (1994) 'Recent trends in the Irish urban system with particular reference to Dublin and Cork'. Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Geographica, 29 (1):31-46.

Other Journal

Year Publication
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) 'Platform: Hands off Dublin's twentieth-century architectural heritage!' 26 (4) :16-17.
2015 Ruth McManus (2015) 'Rus in Urbe’, Stillorgan and Environs as an Evolving Dublin Suburb, c. 1860-1960' 9 :1-12.
2014 Ruth McManus (2014) 'A new town in miniature, inter-war suburban housing in an Irish provincial town' .
1996 Ruth McManus (1996) 'Taking over the Hinterland: suburban expansion in early twentieth century Dublin' .

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2014 Ruth McManus (2014) 46th Conference of Irish Geographers, UCD Nothing beats the real thing: exploring student perspectives on new technologies in historical geography research' UCD, 06/05/2014- 10/05/2014
2010 Waddington, S., Moore, N., McManus, R., MacKeogh, K., Hegarty, S. (2010) NAIRTL/LIN Annual Conference - Flexible Learning A 'whole discipline' approach to enhancing research in the undergraduate geography curriculum Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, 06/10/2010- 07/10/2010
2009 Ruth McManus & Susan Hegarty (2009) Celebrating Geographical Diversity, Proceedings of the HERODOT Conference in Ayvalik, Turkey, 28-31 May 2009 . In: Donert, K; Ari, Y; Attard, M; O'Reilly, G and Schmeinck, D eds. Becoming Geographers - promoting skills and citizenship in undergraduate fieldwork 28/05/2009- 31/05/2009

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Ruth McManus (2021) Conference of Irish Geographers 2021 Reflecting on and learning from places of memory: sources and methodologies Trinity College Dublin / Online, 18/05/2021-21/05/2021.
2021 Ruth McManus (2021) EUROGEO 2021 Sustainable Development Goals for All Exploring places of memory and their legacies: self-directed learning, activities and questions for reflection and revision Madrid / Online, 22/04/2021-23/04/2021.
2021 Ruth McManus (2021) Peripheral Centralities, Seminar 1 Flying boats, garden cities, oil refineries and motorways - exploring the forgotten twentieth-century plans for Dublin Bay Melbourne, Australia (online), 23/09/2021-24/09/2021.
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) Examine Europe, Workshop on Landscapes and Townscapes Can Europe's shared cultural heritage provide a means of addressing the crisis of European identity? Trinity Long Room Hub, 08/08/2019-.
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) EUGEO 2019 (with the CIG) Session: Peopling Urban Pasts: examining everyday lives and landscapes NUI Galway, .
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) Group for the Study of Irish Historical Settlement 50th anniversary conference Studying the Modern Suburbs Dublin, 29/03/2019-31/03/2019.
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) Conference of Irish Geographers 2018 New directions in Irish historical geographies Maynooth University, 11/05/2018-11/05/2018.
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) EUGEO 2019 (with CIG) Everyday lives and municipal politics: a case study of the lodger franchise NUI Galway, .
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) Urban History Group Finding their voice – the lodger franchise and urban governance in pre-independence Ireland Queen's University Belfast, 04/04/2019-05/04/2019.
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) EAUH 2018: Urban Renewal and Resilience, cities in comparative perspective Exploring creativity in Dublin's suburbs, c. 1900-2000 Roma Tre Universita, Rome, 29/08/2018-01/09/2018.
2018 Joseph Brady, Ruth McManus (2018) 3rd Irish Modern Urban History Group Symposium Policy from serendipity: Dublin Corporation's reserved areas UCC, 22/05/2018-22/05/2018.
2018 Ruth McManus, Ilja van Damme, Michiel Dehaene (2018) EAUH 2018: Urban Renewal and Resilience, Cities in Comparative Perspective Cultural and Creative Production in the Wider Metropolitan Area, some theoretical questions Roma Tre Universita, Rome, 29/08/2018-01/09/2018.
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) 3rd Irish Modern Urban History Group Symposium Irish Modern Urban History Group third one-day symposium UCC, 22/05/2018-22/05/2018.
2018 Ruth McManus, Joe Brady (2018) Simms 120 Cottages and Flats: exploring the context of Dublin's housing Wood Quay Venue, Dublin, 19/10/2018-21/10/2018.
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) Conference of Irish Geographers 2018 Beyond a niche interest: the role of historical geography in contemporary debate Maynooth University, 10/05/2018-12/05/2018.
2017 Ruth McManus (2017) 1917: aftermath of rebellion 'Our Herodian city fathers and their baby killing tenements': perspectives on Dublin's housing crisis in 1917 DCU St Patrick's Campus, 28/01/2017-28/01/2017.
2017 Ruth McManus (2017) Dublin History Festival '£500 for a plan!': the 1914 Dublin town plannning competition in context Dublin City Hall, 14/10/2017-.
2017 Ruth McManus, Ilja van Damme (2017) After Suburbia: extended urbanization and life on the planet's periphery The trouble with Woking: exploring cultural and creative production in the wider metropolitan area from the 18th century onwards York University, Toronto, 19/10/2017-21/10/2017.
2017 Ruth McManus (2017) Urban History Group Annual Conference: Boundaries and Jurisdictions: Defining the Urban Defining Drumcondra: exploring the (sub)urban edge and its meanings Royal Holloway, University of London, 30/03/2017-31/03/2017.
2017 Ruth McManus (2017) Irish Modern Urban History Group 2nd Symposium Irish Modern Urban History Group 2nd Symposium DCU All Hallow's Campus, 25/08/2017-.
2017 Ruth McManus, Jonathan Cherry, John Connolly, Almar Ennis, Susan Hegarty, Gerry O'Reilly (2017) Technology: Alienating or Enabling Teaching? School of Nursing and Human Sciences Spring School Integrating technology to enhance teaching and learning in DCU's undergraduate geography curriculum: some current examples DCU School of Nursing & Human Sciences, Glasnevin, 26/01/2017-27/01/2017.
2016 Ruth McManus (2016) Irish Urban History Symposium Tackling the urban housing problem in the Irish Free State, 1922-1940 Centre for Urban History, Leicester, UK, .
2016 Ruth McManus (2016) Conference of Irish Geographers Revisiting rural Ireland: case studies of uneven development 30 years on Drumcondra, Dublin, .
2016 Ruth McManus (2016) Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement Annual Conference Tigers, textiles and tax incentives: recent settlement change in Enniscrone and Killala Bay Ballina, Co Mayo, .
2014 Ruth McManus (2014) Donnycarney Trad Fest From market gardens to garden suburb: the development of Donnycarney, c. 1900-1950 Dublin, .
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2014 Ruth McManus (2014) European Association of Urban History (EAUH) Middle-class suburban lodgers in Dublin (1908 and 1911): an essential part of the (sub)urban economy? Lisbon, Portugal, .
2014 Ruth McManus (2014) Kilmacud and Stillorgan Local History Group Rus in Urbe - living in suburban Dublin, c. 1860-1960, with special reference to Kilmacud and Stillorgan' Stillorgan, .
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2013 Ruth McManus (2013) 75th anniversary of Irish Historical Studies Publishing Irish History: Retrospect and Prospect Royal Irish Academy, .
2013 Ruth McManus (2013) Conference of Irish Geographers, NUI Galway Exploring the geography of Dublin’s Lodgers and Boarders (1908 and 1911): a preliminary investigation NUI Galway, .
2012 Ruth McManus (2012) Dublin Book Festival A Place called Home – urban housing in 20th century Ireland Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, .
2011 Ruth McManus, Susan Hegarty, Almar Barry, Jonathan Cherry & Gerry O'Reilly (2011) Staff-Student Engagement in Education, STage Conference Student/Staff/Institutional Engagement: the Inaugural Geography Summer Internships at St Patrick's College, Drumcondra DCU, .
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2011 Ruth McManus, Susan Hegarty, Gerry O'Reilly, Jonathan Cherry & Almar Barry (2011) Connecting Policy and Practice Conference Realising Bologna: challenges and opportunities for enhancing geography teaching and learning DCU, .
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2011 Ruth McManus, Almar Barry, Gerry O'Reilly, Jonathan Cherry, Susan Hegarty (2011) Staff-Student Engagement in Education (STage) Conference 'Facilitating and rewarding engagement: Field and groupwork as integral components of a Geography module' DCU, .
2010 Ruth McManus, Susan Hegarty, Jonathan Cherry (2010) Conference of Irish Geographers (CIG) The role of student attitude and the emotional domain on student learning in the field NUI Maynooth, .


Year Publication
2020 Ruth McManus / RIA (2020) Irish Historic Towns Atlas in third level education. BLOG [Link]

Book Review

Year Publication
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) (review) Urban spaces in nineteenth-century Ireland. Edited by Georgina Laragy, Olwen Purdue and Jonathan Jeffrey Wright. Pp ix 212, illus. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press. 2018. £75. BREV
2017 McManus, R (2017) From Village to Suburb: The Building of Clontarf Since 1760. LONDON: BREV
2017 McManus, R (2017) The peaceful path, building garden cities and new towns. ABINGDON: BREV [DOI]
2015 McManus, R (2015) Modern Dublin, Urban Change and the Irish Past, 1957-1973. ABINGDON: BREV [DOI]
2014 McManus, R (2014) Anglo-American crossroads. Urban planning and research in Britain, 1940-2010. ABINGDON: BREV [DOI]

Online Article

Year Publication
2021 Ruth McManus (2021) How architect Herbert Simms transformed Dublin (RTÉ Brainstorm). ELEA [Link]
2021 Ruth McManus (2021) A lesson from the 1920s on how to solve an Irish housing crisis (RTE Brainstorm). Dublin: ELEA [Link]
2014 Ruth McManus (2014) OpenLearn: Breaking from the pack: Dublin and the Giro D'Italia. ELEA [Link]
2012 Ruth McManus, Sinead O'Shea (2012) OpenLearn: Upper Buckingham Street, Dublin, Ireland: from speculative landowners to multi-tenanted tenements. ELEA [Link]
2016 Ruth McManus, Pat Jess, Jenny Meegan, Philip O'Sullivan (2016) OpenLearn Ireland: Change in the West of Ireland (series of articles online). ELEA [Link]
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) Lodgers, boarders and 'select accommodation' (RTE Brainstorm). ELEA [Link]
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) The Problem with Branding the Midlands (RTE Brainstorm). ELEA [Link]

Encyclopedia Entry

Year Publication
2020 Ruth McManus (2020) Ireland (World Book Encyclopedia). Chicago: ENC
2014 Ruth McManus (2014) Builders and developers in the 20th century (Art and Architecture in Ireland: Volume IV). ENC
2014 Ruth McManus (2014) Public Utility Society Housing - a case study (Art and Architecture of Ireland. Volume IV). ENC
2009 Ruth McManus (2009) David Henry Hall (Dictionary of Irish Biography). ENC

Guest Lectures

Year Publication
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) After the Tenements (Little Museum of Dublin). GL
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) Exploring the worlds of Dublin's lodgers (RDS Library Speaker Series). GL


Year Publication
2018 Olivia Kelly (2018) Hundreds of protected Dublin apartments face 'delisting' and demolition. Dublin: NEWSA [Link]
2020 Laoise Neylon (2020) Documenting the History of Some of Dublin's Mismatched Street Signs. NEWSA [Link]
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) Remembering Herbert Simms, the man who rebuilt Dublin. NEWSA [Link]

Radio Presentation

Year Publication
2020 Ruth McManus / RTE Radio 1 (2020) RTE Radio 1 The Business: Back to the 'burbs. RADIO
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) News Interview (Q102). RADIO
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) News Interview (FM104). RADIO
2020 Ruth McManus (2020) Housing in Dublin in the 20th Century (Irish History Show podcast/NEAR FM). RADIO [Link]
2020 Ruth McManus, Ellen Rowley (2020) RTE Davis Now Lectures: Making Home. RADIO [Link]
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) The History Show: Ireland's housing crisis in historical perspective (panelist). RADIO


Year Publication
2020 Ruth McManus / Building Ireland (2020) Building Ireland: Marino. TV
2020 Ruth McManus (2020) Who do you think you are? (Australia): Lisa Curry. Warner Brothers TV, Australia: TV

Invited Seminars

Year Publication
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) Trinity Contemporary Irish History research seminar series: 'Boarders, paying guests and the bogus lodger: uncovering alternative forms of accommodation in early 20th century Dublin. INVS
2018 Ruth McManus (2018) Expert Workshop (RIA): The Hidden World of Dublin's Lodgers. INVS


Year Publication
2019 Ruth McManus (2019) This is where we live (Drumcondra and social housing in Dublin). PODCAST [Link]
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Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date
‘Mapping the Miasma’- Ireland’s 19th century pandemic: Analysing the 1832 cholera epidemic in provincial Ireland (Fióna Gallagher) DCU PI 01/10/2021 30/09/2023

Current Postgraduate Students

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Durkan ,Ann Marie PhD-track Supervisor

Teaching Interests

I have extensive and wide-ranging teaching experience, including urban geography; housing and town planning; suburbanisation; demography; tourism and heritage issues. I have developed a range of innovative practical geography modules for both BA and BEd programmes and have also been involved in devising a comprehensive fieldwork programme.

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2022 Ireland's Landscapes GY501