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Dr. Kate Hynes is an international trade economist. Her research focuses on foreign direct investment (FDI). This includes government policies that affect FDI such as taxes, infrastructure investments and intellectual property rights. Her research also focuses on how policies in China differ from those in the US and Europe in relation to attracting foreign capital.

Kate has lectured across different countries including Hong Kong, China, Saudi Arabia and North Korea. Her international experience has sparked interest in the area of behavioural economics, in particular in how beliefs across cultures impact people decision making process. 

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2022 Davies, Ronald B.;Han, Yutao;Hynes, Kate;Wang, Yong (2022) 'Competition in taxes and intellectual property right'. Review of International Economics, . [DOI]
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Conference Publication

Year Publication
2019 Kate, Kate (2019) Competing in Taxes and Intellectual Property Rights Global Production, Taxes and Trade
2019 Kate, Kate (2019) Competing in Taxes and Intellectual Property Rights Australasia International Trade Workshop
2018 Kate, Kate (2018) Competing in Taxes and Intellectual Property Rights European Trade Study Group
2017 Kate, Kate (2017) Local Linkages: The Interdependance of Foreign and Domestic Firms in Ireland European Trade Study Group
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2012 Kate, Kate,I., I. (2012) Competing for Foreign Direct Investment through Investment in Public Infrastructure European Trade Study Group

Other Publication

Year Publication
2021 Hynes, K.;Wooton, I. (2021) Special issue introduction. [Link] [DOI]
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2022 International Economics EF310
2022 Topics in Applied Economics EF331
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