Benjamin Mallon


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Assistant Professor in Geography and Citizenship Education
St. Patrick's Campus
T:+353 01 700 9122

Benjamin Mallon is Assistant Professor in Geography Education in the Institute of Education, Dublin City University. Ben has expertise in geography, global citizenship and sustainability education and coordinates and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate modules across the Institute of Education. He is co-director of the DCU Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education.


Year Publication
2021 Kavanagh, A.M.;Waldron, F.;Mallon, B. (2021) Teaching for social justice and sustainable development across the primary curriculum. [Link] [DOI]

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Clíona Murphy, Benjamin Mallon, Greg Smith, Orla Kelly, Vasiliki Pitsia & Gabriela Martinez Sainz (2021) 'The influence of a teachers’ professional development programme on primary school pupils’ understanding of and attitudes towards sustainability'. Environmental Education Research, . [DOI]
2021 Mallon, B.;Martinez-Sainz, G. (2021) 'Education for children's rights in Ireland before, during and after the pandemic'. Irish Educational Studies, 40 . [Link] [DOI]
2021 Redman, E.;Murphy, C.;Mancilla, Y.;Mallon, B.;Kater-Wettstaedt, L.;Barth, M.;Ortiz, M.G.;Smith, G.;Kelly, O. (2021) 'International scaling of sustainability continuing professional development for in-service teachers'. Interdisciplinary Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 17 . [Link] [DOI]
2021 O’connell, C.;Mallon, B.;Cassaithe, C.N.í.;Barry, M. (2021) 'Addressing the complexity of contemporary slavery: Towards a critical framework for educators'. Policy and Practice, 2021 . [Link]
2020 Cliona Murphy, Greg Smith, Benjamin Mallon, Erin Redman (2020) 'Teaching about sustainability through inquiry-based science in Irish primary classrooms: the impact of a professional development programme on teacher self-efficacy, competence and pedagogy'. Environmental Education Research, . [DOI]
2020 Alan McCully, Fionnuala Waldron, Benjamin Mallon (2020) 'The contrasting place of political history in the primary curricula of Ireland, north and south: a comparative study'. COMPARE: A JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE EDUCATION, . [DOI]
2020 Cliona Murphy, Nicola Broderick, Benjamin Mallon (2020) 'Primary science in Ireland – 17 years on'. Irish Teachers' Journal, 8 (1):141-156. [Link]
2019 Massimiliano Tarozzi & Benjamin Mallon (2019) 'Educating teachers towards global citizenship: A comparative study in four European countries'. London Review of Education, 17 (2):112-125. [Link] [DOI]

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Waldron, F.;Mallon, B.;Kavanagh, A.M. (2021) 'Transforming pedagogy for a socially just and sustainable world: Concluding thoughts' In: Teaching For Social Justice And Sustainable Development Across The Primary Curriculum. [Link] [DOI]
2021 Mallon, B. (2021) 'Global citizenship education: Interconnection, social justice and sustainability' In: Teaching For Social Justice And Sustainable Development Across The Primary Curriculum. [Link] [DOI]
2021 Kavanagh, A.M.;Waldron, F.;Mallon, B. (2021) 'Teaching for social justice and sustainable development across the primary curriculum: An introduction' In: Teaching For Social Justice And Sustainable Development Across The Primary Curriculum. [Link] [DOI]
2021 Benjamin Mallon (2021) 'Educational Responses to the Emotions, Foundations and Everyday Realities of Climate Change' In: Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review Fifteenth Anniversary Special Edition. Belfast : Centre for Global Education.
2020 F. Waldron, B. Mallon, M. Barry & G. Martinez-Sainz (2020) 'Climate Change Education in Ireland: Emerging Practice in a Context of Resistance' In: Ireland and the Climate Crisis. Cham : Palgrave Macmillan. [Link]
2020 Benjamin Mallon (2020) 'The Right to Education' In: International Human Rights, Social Policy and Global Development: Critical Perspectives. Bristol : Policy Press.
2019 Benjamin Mallon (2019) 'National Case Study: Ireland' In: Teachers’ education in GCE: emerging issues in a comparative perspective. Bologna : Università di Bologna. [Link] [DOI]
2019 Benjamin Mallon (2019) 'Contrasting Cultures in GCE Teacher Education' In: Teachers’ education in GCE: emerging issues in a comparative perspective. Bologna : Università di Bologna. [Link] [DOI]

Published Report

Year Publication
2018 Benjamin J Mallon (2018) The Impact and Evaluation of Development Education in Irish Primary Schools. DICE, .

Commissioned Report

Year Publication
2019 Cliona Murphy, Nicola Broderick, Benjamin Mallon (2019) Royal Dublin Science and Technology Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023 Report. COMMREP

Other Journal

Year Publication
2015 Benjamin Mallon (2015) 'A Development Education Perspective on the Challenges and Possibilities of Climate Change in Initial Teacher Education' :135-146.
2013 Benjamin Mallon (2013) 'Lessons in Conflict and Peace in Nagorno-Karabakh' . [Link]

Guidelines for Practice

Year Publication
2017 Benjamin J Mallon, Fionnuala Waldron, Rowan Oberman, Seline Keating (2017) Making Rights Real: Learning Activities and Actions on Children’s Rights for Children. GFP [Link]
2013 Benjamin Mallon & Connall O'Caoimh (2013) Proudly made in Africa: a Transition Unit for Business Studies and Development Education. Dublin: GFP [Link]

Book Review

Year Publication
2020 Benjamin Mallon (2020) Important work in a time of volatility: transnational perspectives on democracy, citizenship, human rights and peace education. BREV [Link]
2016 Benjamin Mallon (2016) Children’s Rights, Educational Research and the UNCRC: Past, Present and Future. BREV
2015 Benjamin Mallon (2015) Sowing seeds: the militarisation of youth and how to counter it. BREV [DOI]
2013 Benjamin Mallon (2013) Education that Matters: Teachers, Critical Pedagogy and Development Education at Local and Global Level. BREV [Link]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2013 Benjamin Mallon (2013) Irish Association of Social Science and Environmental Education Peace building education on the island of Ireland: A conceptual framework [Link]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Benjamin Mallon (2021) Geographical Association Conference The peacebuilding potential of geography education Dublin City University, 10/04/2021-10/04/2021.
2021 Benjamin Mallon & Joe Usher (2021) Leading in the Primary Humanities, Art and Science Conference Border, boundaries and conflict University of Roehampton, .
2021 Benjamin Mallon and Joe Usher (2021) Charney Primary Geography Conference Borders, boundaries and conflict Charney, UK, .
2021 Benjamin Mallon (2021) Geography Teacher Education Conference Geography education about, through and for children’s rights Dublin City University, 23/01/2021-.
2021 Ashling Bourke, Benjamin Mallon & Catherine Maunsell (2021) Gender Equality Matters Ensuring gender equality and optimal sexual health and well-being for girls and women through comprehensive sexuality education, grounded in human rights Dublin City University, 12/02/2021-.
2021 Benjamin Mallon & Ashling Bourke (2021) Gender Equality Matters A Gender Perspective on Children's Rights within Peace Agreements Dublin City University, 12/02/2021-.
2020 Benjamin Mallon (2020) Can climate change education save the planet? Royal Irish Academy and ALLEA Royal Irish Academy, 24/11/2020-.
2020 Benjamin Mallon & Rowan Oberman (2020) Imagining Children and Conflict Engaging with Peace and Conflict through Storybook in Irish Teacher Education Stranmillis University College, 01/02/2020-01/02/2020.
2020 Benjamin Mallon & Rowan Oberman (2020) Uncertainty and Climate Change Education Irish Primary Science Assocation Dublin City University, 29/11/2019-.
2020 Benjamin Mallon (2020) Research Forum: Children as Global Citizens Teaching about, through and for ‘voice’ in a quiet classroom Dublin City University, 24/01/2020-24/01/2020.
2019 Benjamin Mallon & Susan Gallwey (2019) Beyond a Single Story: Intercultural Education Conference Can a story make a difference?: Exploring the Impact of an Early Childhood Global Justice Storysack Dublin City University, 25/01/2019-26/01/2019.
2019 Malgosia Machowska Kosciak and Benjamin Mallon (2019) Another Brick in the Wall: Rethinking Education International Association of Intercultural Education Strengthening Practices of Intercultural Education in Ireland – A Critical Overview and Reflections on Teaching Practices Amsterdam, 11/11/2019-15/11/2019.
2019 Benjamin Mallon (2019) Peace, Conflict and Pedagogy Peacebuilding education and peacebuilding action within an Irish post-primary school Liverpool Hope University, .
2019 Gabriela Martinez Sainz, Rowan Oberman & Benjamin Mallon (2019) European Conference on Educational Research A Framework for Assessing the Impact of Climate Change Education in Schools Hamburg, 03/09/2019-06/09/2019.
2019 Cliona Murphy, Greg Smith, Benjamin Mallon, Orla Kelly (2019) European Conference on Educational Research The Impact Of Teacher Professional Development On Irish Primary School Children’s Sustainability Competencies And Engagement With Scientific Inquiry Hamburg, .
2019 Benjamin Mallon (2019) Rethinking Critical Approaches to Development Education Illuminating the Exploration of Conflict through the Lens of Global Citizenship Education Dublin City University, .
2018 Cliona Murphy, Benjamin Mallon, Greg Smith (2018) Science and mathematics Education Conference (SMEC) Education for sustainable development through inquiry-based science: Exploring a programme of professional development for Irish primary teachers Dublin, .
2018 Benjamin Mallon (2018) Early Career Conference on Global Education and Global Citizenship A Reflexivity of Discomfort in a Qualitative Exploration of Citizenship, Conflict and Children University College London, .
2018 Cliona Murphy, Greg Smith, Benjamin Mallon (2018) The 8th Science and Mathematics Education Conference (SMEC) Education for Sustainable Development through Inquiry-Based Science: Exploring a Programme of Professional Development for Irish Primary Teachers Dublin City University, .
2018 Benjamin Mallon (2018) 'Where to now?: Human Rights Education on this island, these islands and beyond' Peacebuilding, Human Rights Education and the Question of Responsibility St. Mary's University College, Belfast, 07/02/2018-07/02/2018.
2018 Benjamin Mallon (2018) Development Studies Association Ireland Conference The Impact of Violence on Children’s Education Rights Gibson Hotel, Dublin, .
2018 Benjamin Mallon, Massimiliano Tarozzi, Carla Inguaggiato (2018) European Conference on Educational Research Conceptualisations of Global Citizenship and the Construction of Transformative Primary Teacher Education: A Multiple-Site Case Study Across Four EU Countries Bolzano, Italy, .
2018 Benjamin J Mallon, Massimiliano Tarozzi, Carla Inguaggiato (2018) Perspectives on Global Citizenship: A Shared Commitment Global Schools Conference Trento, Italy, 11/03/2018-13/03/2018.
2017 Alan McCully, Fionnuala Waldron & Benjamin Mallon (2017) HEIRNET 2017 - History Education In Challenging Times: Meeting ‘The Other’ Across Time and Space Teaching Political History In A Primary Context DCU, 01/09/2017-01/09/2017.
2017 Cory Buxton, Martha Allexsaht-snider, Max Vazquez Dominguez, Cristina Valencia Mazzanti, Elif Karsli & Benjamin Mallon (2017) 11th Biennial ERNAPE Conference 2017: Intensification, constraint and opportunity: changing roles for parents, schools and communities Critical Self Study: Teacher Educators’ Roles in Fostering Teachers’ Support for Immigrant Families in Perilous Times University of Roehampton, 06/07/2017-06/07/2017.
2017 Benjamin J Mallon (2017) Green Foundation Ireland Pedagogic Options for the Teaching of Educational for Sustainable Development Teacher's Club, Dublin, .
2017 Benjamin Mallon (2017) British Educational Research Association Exploring active citizenship in school-based peace-building education programmes University of Sussex, 06/09/2017-06/09/2017.
2017 Benjamin Mallon (2017) Development Education Research Centre - Research, Evidence and Policy Learning for Global Education Global Citizenship Teacher Education: The Case of Ireland Institute of Education, University College London, .
2017 Rowan Oberman & Benjamin Mallon (2017) Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland - Activism and Anti-Racism in Education: Telling Our Stories Picture books: A Trojan Horse for the Controversial, Critical and Complex University of Edinburgh, .
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2016 Benjamin Mallon (2016) Research to Empower Educational Leaders (REEL) Peace-building Education in an Irish Context: Significant and contrasting conflicts Drumcondra Education Centre, Dublin, .
2015 Benjamin Mallon (2015) Education and Violent Conflict - Lessons Learnt from Ireland and Africa – Development Studies Association Ireland Peace-building through Global Citizenship Education in an Irish Context: Connections Between Theory and Practice Kimmage DSC, Dublin, .
2014 Benjamin Mallon (2014) History of Irish Childhood Conference Conceptualisations of young people in conflict and in peace St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, .


Year Publication
2016 Benjamin Mallon (2016) The challenges and possibilities of teaching and learning about conflict: A qualitative analysis of school-based peacebuilding education programmes on the island of Ireland. SPD, Dublin City University: THES
2010 Benjamin Mallon (2010) The perceived training needs of Irish teachers in supporting the educational achievement and well-being of refugee and asylum-seeking pupils. University College Dublin: THES


Year Publication
2019 Benjamin Mallon (2019) Social Justice and Global Citizenship in the Primary Classroom. WKSHOP
2018 Benjamin Mallon (2018) The voices of children and young people in research. WKSHOP
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Professional Associations

Association Function From / To
Education Studies Association of Ireland Member 01/12/2015 -
Development Studies Association of Ireland Member 01/10/2018 -
Irish Development Education Assoication Member 01/10/2011 -
Geographical Association Member 01/09/2020 -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/10/2012 Andrew Grene Postgraduate Scholarship in Conflict Resolution Irish Research Council & Department of Foreign Affairs


Committee Function From / To
Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education, DCU 01/09/2016 -
Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review 01/10/2014 -


Journal Role
International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning Reviewer
Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review Reviewer
Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies Reviewer

Outreach Activities

Year Engagement Type Organisation Description
Advisory Work Irish Development Education Association Board member of the Irish Development Education Association


Title Year Type Authors
Counting down on climate change: where do we stand? 2021 Newspaper article (Print) Daniel Murray

Research Interests

Ben researches and teaches in the areas of Geography Education, Education for Sustainability and Global Citizenship Education, with a particular focus on pedagogical approaches which address conflict, challenge violence and support the development of peaceful and sustainable societies. Current research projects include: 

- an exploration of the potential of geography education to contribute towards peacebuilding processes.
- a national survey exploring teacher's attitudes towards and perspectives of global citizenship education
- a quantitative analysis of children's rights within post-conflict peace agreements.

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date
Development of educational materials on children’s rights for children and young people DCU PI 15/05/2017 14/07/2017

Modules Coordinated

Term Title Subject
2021 Description of 2022_SG215 SG215
2022 Educational practices and systems for peace SG409
2022 SESE/Teacher as a Person ED1023