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Dr Gary Sinclair is an Associate Professor in Marketing, specialising in Consumer Behaviour. He has also lectured in the University of Stirling, Technology University Dublin, and Trinity College Dublin. He is the Programme Director for Business Studies International and the Head of the 'Subcultures Lab' at the Irish Institute of Digital Business.

His research focuses on consumer culture primarily in the contexts of music, technology, sport  and sustainability. His work has been widely published in a variety of top international peer-reviewed journals including but not limited to the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Marketing Theory and the European Journal of Marketing. His work has featured in  mainstream media outlets such as CNN, ABC, CBC, the Irish Times, RTÉ and the Conversation. Gary is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Management. He also guest-edited a special issue on music and marketing for the European Journal of Marketing. Gary is the Irish PI on a 3-year UKRI/IRC funded project on 'Online Hate in Football.'

Gary is interested in receiving PhD applications from students in areas concerning but not limited to consumer culture.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2018 Sinclair, G (2018) 'Who cares if TayTay gets paypay? Shake it off: The apathy of the contemporary music consumer' In: Digital Piracy: A Global, Multidisciplinary Account. London : Routledge.
2014 Sinclair, G (2014) 'Music' In: Encyclopedia of quality of life and well-being. Amsterdam : Springer.
2014 Sinclair, G (2014) 'Retreating Behind the Scenes: The 'Less'-Civilizing Impact of Virtual Spaces on the Irish Heavy Metal Scene' In: The Ashgate Research Companion to Fan Cultures. Farnham : Ashgate.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Tinson, J, Sinclair, G and Gordon, R (2021) 'How value is disrupted in football fandom, and how fans respond'. European Sport Management Quarterly, .
2021 Sinclair, G and Tinson, J (2021) 'Music and well-being: a transformative consumer research perspective'. Journal of Marketing Management, .
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2021 Damien Dupré, Gary Sinclair (2021) 'Emotional user experience of innovative human-computer interactions: A multi-component approach'. Journal of Customer Behaviour, .

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2021 Kenny, D., Fox, G., Sinclair, G. and Lynn, T. (2021) Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences The Antecedents and Consequences of Legitimate Corporate Participation in the DarkNet: A Preliminary Model
2020 Sinclair, G and Fox, G (2020) American Marketing Association Summer Conference Music consumption, ageing and transformative consumer research
2020 Sinclair, G and Tinson, J (2020) American Marketing Association Summer Conference The surveillance of music streaming. Implications for consumer privacy
2019 Tinson, J., Sinclair, G. and R. gordon (2019) European Association of Sports Management For the Greater Good? Value Co-Destruction and Sport Fandom Seville,
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2018 Sinclair, G., Campbell, N. and Browne, S. (2018) Academy of Marketing Apocalyptic objects: The Bug-out Bag as an Emblematic Object of Extreme Preparation University of Stirling,
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2013 Sinclair, G (2013) European Association of Consumer Research Heavy metal figurations: Civilising processes and the 'controlled de-controlling' of emotions [Link]
2012 Sinclair, G (2012) Crossroads in Cultural Studies Retreating Behind the Scenes: The 'De-Civilising' Impact of Virtual Spaces on the Irish Heavy Metal Scene [Link]
2011 Sinclair, G (2011) Business of Live Music Chastising and Romanticising Heavy Metal Subculture: Challenging the Dichotomy with Figurational Sociology [Link]
2021 Antonia Egli, Pierangelo Rosati, Theo Lynn, Gary Sinclair (2021) The International Conference on Digital Society Bad Robot: A Preliminary Exploration of the Prevalence of Automated Software Programmes and Social Bots in the COVID-19# antivaxx Discourse on Twitter

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2018 gary sinclair (2018) International Symposium on Teaching Innovation Translating research into effective teaching practice University of Salamanca, .
2017 Gary Sinclair (2017) The Future of Ownership Invited talk University of Vienna, .
2016 Sinclair, G., Saren, M. and Tinson, J. (2016) Marketing and Music in an Age of Digital Reproduction Symposium Host and organiser of academiic/indusry conference on music University of Stirling, 18/11/2016-.

Online Article

Year Publication
2020 gary sinclair (2020) C'mon feel the noise: football fans and artificial crowd noise. ELEA [Link]
2019 Sinclair, G., Campbell, N. and S. Browne (2019) We spoke to survivalists prepping for disaster: here’s what we learned about the end of the world. ELEA [Link]


Year Publication
2017 Sinclair, G (2017) Music industry shows movie makers the way with illegal downloads. NEWSA [Link]

Web Page

Year Publication
2018 gary sinclair (2018) Are we outsourcing our emotions to the Spotify algorithm?. WEBP [Link]
2017 Gary Sinclair (2017) The music sounds better with you. WEBP [Link]
2016 Sinclair, G (2016) Why 'ethical' music festivals may put off revellers. WEBP [Link]
2015 Sinclair, G (2015) Who cares if Taylor Swift gets paid? Not many. WEBP [Link]
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Professional Associations

Association Function From / To
Academy of Marketing Member -
The Irish Institute of Digital Business Marketing and Sales theme leader 13/02/2019 -
Marketing Society of Scotland member -
European Association of Consumer Research member -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/07/2018 Most Innovative Paper in Conference Academy of Marketing and Marketing Trust


Committee Function From / To
Journal of Marketing Management -
Teaching and Learning Committee -
attributes of a DCU business school student -
curriculum review language working group -
Programme Chair Committee -
University Academic Council -
International committee -

Enterprise Engagement

Year Engagement Type Client Description
2018 Invited talk/presentation Other Voices ANAM Cultural programme Invited to be a speaker for the First Live RTE Brainstorm event as part of DCU ANAM Cultural programme. The talk was entitled 'RTÉ Brainstorm: Technology as Human Connection?'
2020 Consultancy University of Almeria External Examiner
2019 Consultancy University of Chieti-Pescara External Examiner for PhD
2020 Invited talk/presentation Middlesex University
2018 Other Universidad Loyola Andalucía Partner visit for INTB programme
2018 Consultancy University of Nottingham External examiner for PhD
2018 Consultancy Dublin Institute of Technology External examiner
2018 Other University of Barcelona Partner visit for INTB
2019 Invited talk/presentation University of Stirling Seminar on Community engagement in music consumption research
2018 Consultancy Roberts Radio Contributed to Roberts Radio research project
2018 Invited talk/presentation University of Leeds Inivited over for talk on my research at School of Music Leeds
2018 Other Universitat Rovira i Virgili Partner visit for INTB
2016 Continuous Professional Development/Training Marketing and Music in an Age of Digital Reproduction I organised a workshop where academics and industry personnel from music industry came together to discuss the contemporary digital music industry.
2018 Personnel Exchange University of Salamanca I was invited to do a teaching mobility as part of our new international student exchange partnership.

Outreach Activities

Year Engagement Type Organisation Description
Community-based research Age Friendly University, Dublin I delivered an inter-generational music workshop programme to participants from the Age Friendly University (AFU) and transition year students from St Aidans and Maryfield schools. The workshops took place over four weeks and were used as a basis for ongoing research on age and transition but the workshops also served the communal purpose of music education and inter-generational creative collaboration.
Presentations/Talks to an external audience South Wind Blows Conducted a talk with RTE Brainstorm and Other Voices as part of the first ANAM cultural event. The talk concerned my research, specifically articles I had written for Brainstorm.
Community-based learning Fighting words I am currently working with Fighting Words and Age Friendly University on a inter-generational creative music project to be delivered at the second annual ANAM event in DCU.


Title Year Type Authors
Are we outsourcing our emotions to the Spotify algorithm? 2018 Newspaper column (online) gary sinclair
Lifeline: Music in everyday life 2019 Radio Interviews gary sinclair
Riffing on the digital disruption of the music industry 2020 Podcast DOT Lab
Music Streaming 2020 Podcast CBS Canada
‘Coronavirus: Irish shops see surge in sale of canned food, pasta and cleaning products’ 2020 Newspaper article (online) Irish Times
Generation of songwriters being lost due to streaming struggle’ 2020 Radio Interviews CBS Canada
C'mon feel the noise: football fans and artificial crowd noise 2020 Newspaper article (online) RTE Brainstorm
From Italy to Phibsboro: Fruit and veg supply chain continues to deliver’, interview with Dublin Inquirer about my research 2020 Newspaper article (online) Dublin Inquirer
The Dave Fanning Show 2018 Radio Interviews Sinclair, G
Music industry shows movie makers the way with illegal downloads 2017 Newspaper article (Print) Gary Sinclair
Music sounds better with you 2017 Newspaper column (online) Gary Sinclair
Consuming sounds: How we get and use music 2017 Newspaper column (online) Claire O' Connell

Research Interests

Gary focuses on a variety of contexts within consumer culture (music, technology and sport) with an emphasis on sociological theory and the ethical implications of consumption.

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date
Empowering Staff to Develop Online Learning PI 01/11/2020 01/11/2021
NG-FAB: Next Generation Financial Attitudes and Behaviours Co-PI 01/01/2019 30/04/2019
STOP Principal Investigator 01/04/2015 01/04/2017
Space, emotion and heavy metal control Principal investigator 01/03/2012 01/09/2012
Music, Media and Identity Principal Investigator 01/09/2008 01/03/2012

Current Postgraduate Students

Student Name Degree Supervision
Kenny ,David Joseph PhD-track Supervisor

Teaching Interests

consumer behaviour, marketing, research methods, critical thinking, technology and society, marketing ethics

Modules Coordinated

Term Title Subject
2022 The Changing Consumer MG308
2022 Information Technology in Society MG330
2022 The Changing Consumer MG308A