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2023                      HEI Senior Fellowship

2019-present        Assistant Professor in the School of Policy and Practice, DCU
2018 -2019           Leadership and Ethos Officer for Le Chéile Schools Trust

2015 -2019           Ph.D student in Maynooth University
2016 - present      Chairperson of the Board of Management,
                           St Mary’s Secondary School, Glasnevin, Dublin

2006 - 2015          Principal, St Joseph’s College, Lucan, Co. Dublin

2006                    Deputy Principal of St Joseph’s College, Lucan, Dublin

1981 - 2006          Teacher of English and Religious Education                                    
                           Transition Year Coordinator
                           Head of English and Religion Department.
                           Gaisce leader

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Audrey Doyle (2021) ECER All changed, changed utterly: reimagining School Placement in the 21st Century during a Covid-19 pandemic Online, .
2019 Audrey Doyle (2019) ESAI 2019 This paper argues that Junior Cycle reform in Ireland has the educational capacity to constitute the emergence of a new becoming for lower secondary. This new curriculum generated through the philosophical and theoretical interrogation of curriculum purpose, process and practices, has shaken lower secondary to its core. It has moved the assemblage of lower secondary in Ireland into a liminal space – the space of being betwixt and between. This space continues to be occupied due to a lack of knowledge-making in the areas of curriculum concepts, language and roles. Important thresholds are emerging to move curriculum into a very different landscape which offers the beginning of greater autonomy, agency and emancipation in a more inclusive educational experience for all (Biesta, 2013) Sligo, Ireland, .
2021 Audrey Doyle, Michael O'Leary and Zita Lysaght (2021) ECER High Stakes Exams in the time of Covid-19. The Experiences of Irish Post Primary Teachers Online, .
2021 Audrey Doyle (2021) ESAI Re-imagining new possibilities for Teacher Placement for post-primary teachers: the role of the assessor in the Classroom Based Assessments Online, .
2021 Audrey Doyle & Niamh O'Brien (2021) World Anti-Bullying Forum An exploration of bullying at a fee-paying day and boarding school using a Participatory Action Research Framework Stockholm, Sweden, .
2021 Audrey Doyle, Zita Lysaght & Michael O'Leary (2021) AEA Teacher Assessment Identity in the Context of a High Stakes Examination Online, .
2020 Audrey Doyle (2020) ESAI Assessment in the Junior Cycle through the lens of Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of difference Online, .
2019 Audrey Doyle (2019) ECER 2019 This paper argues that to respond to the turbulence, uncertainty and risks experienced by education in the twenty-first century, a different approach to education and curriculum is needed. It proposes that curriculum as rhizome and education as becoming might open up possible trajectories for deliberation. It bases its findings on a study of the design, development and enactment of reforms in lower secondary education in Ireland Hamburg, Germany, .
2019 Audrey Doyle (2019) Fourth European Conference on Curriculum This paper argues that two trajectories have gathered momentum in the assemblage of lower secondary education in Ireland: the curriculum creator and the curriculum maker. The curriculum creator is a multiplicity of all the actors in the assemblage. It emerges as a collaborative ecosystem connecting, consulting and communicating in constant feedback loops, providing flow and dynamism as curriculum is designed and mapped Maynooth, Kildare, .
2018 Audrey Doyle& Majella Dempsey (2018) ECER 2018 This paper argues that inclusion of all stakeholders in curriculum design, development and enactment is a highly complex task and whilst representatives of all stakeholders may be present at the table to consult on a new curriculum, this presence does not mean inclusion. Inclusion in curriculum reform is dependent on genuine dialogue (Buber, 1947, p.113), the recognition of the histories, traditions, agendas and biases of all at the table but the “fusion of horizons” (Gadamer, 1975, p.306-307), so that the assemblage can pursue an emerging understanding of a new curriculum framework Bolzano, Italy, .
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Professional Associations

Association Function From / To
Education Studies Association of Ireland Member -
European Education Research Assosication Reviewer -
Stirling Network of Curriculum Studies, Member -


Committee Function From / To
Post-Primary Board of Management -


Employer Position From / To
Department of Education & Skills Principal 01/09/2006 - 31/08/2015
Department of Education & Skills Teacher 01/09/1981 - 31/08/2015
Le Chéile Schools Trust Leadership and Ethos Officer 06/09/2018 - 15/11/2019
Maynooth University Lecturer 01/09/2015 - 15/11/2019


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
DCU Masters in Management
Maynooth University Ph.D
Mater Dei Institute of Education Bachelor of Religious Science & English


Language Reading Writing Speaking
French Basic Basic Basic

Other Activities

ECER Conference 2019 & 2020
Presenting and designing workshops on the new Junior Cycle Framework
Consulting and working with schools on how to embed Formative Assessment and changes to the new Junior Cycle Framework

Research Interests

My main research interests lie in mapping how teachers and leaders of schools in post-primary education in Ireland have become curriculum makers.  The theoretical framework I am navigating is taken from the work of Deleuze and Guattari's "A Thousand Plateaus" (2003).  It draws on concepts such as striated and smooth space, difference, both degree and kind, and nomad.  This study emerges from my doctoral thesis which called on further research to map the changes taking place in lower secondary education as a result of the new Junior Cycle curriculum.  It asks how are teachers approaching Learning Outcomes and what methodology, assessment, both formative and summative, are they engaging with to make the educational encounter a more student-centred and holistic affair.
Recently, I have begun a research project mapping the teacher perspective on the Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate 2020 through a mixed methods approach.  I have joined with Professor Michael O'Leary from CARPE and Dr Zita Lysaght from the School of Policy and Practice on this project.
I am also engaged in working on research in a day and boarding school in Dublin to study how they can approach the problem of bullying in the school.  This study will use a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach, which is flexible and inclusive (Stoudt et al., 2010; O’Brien, Moules and Munn-Giddings., 2018). I have linked with Dr Niamh O'Brien from Anglia Ruskin University, Essex, Great Britain for this project. 

Teaching Interests

My main teaching interests lie in curriculum and how this is translated into pedagogy - methodology, learning strategies, differentiation and assessment.  I am also very enthusiastic about how leadership throughout the many levels of the education system, enact and engage with the process of curriculum making.  How a teacher develops reflective practice through classroom research is also an important area of interest.

Modules Coordinated

Term Title Subject
2022 Teacher Education Policy Analysis ED9012
2022 Curriculum Development and Evaluation ES546
2022 Assessment, Learning and Teaching PR105
2022 Curriculum and Assessment ED2301
2022 Curriculum Development and Evaluation ES476