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Kevin O’Sullivan is an Assistant Professor in Private and Intellectual Property Law at  the School of Law and Government. Previously, he worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the School of Law, University College Cork, of which he is a first class honours graduate (BCL, LLM, PhD, PGDipT&LHE)


His research interests lie in the fields of intellectual property and information technology law with a particular focus on balancing various stakeholder interests in the online context when it comes to the enforcement of intellectual property under EU law.

A Government of Ireland Research Scholar, his doctoral research examined the balance between competing paradigms in the online enforcement of copyright as between right holders, intermediaries and end-users.  

He is a national expert for two working packages of the EU Horizon 2020 Project: ReCreating Europe in conjunction with the Information Institute, University of Amsterdam and the Institute of Law, Politics and Development, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy. He has also been a national expert for an EU Commission funded study on extended collective licensing for copyright in the EU, with the Information Institute (IvR) at the University of Amsterdam.

He has published his research in leading international law journals, with his work being cited by leading international scholars in the fields of intellectual property and information technology law.

He has presented his research as an invited speaker at international conferences throughout the world and has been a visiting researcher at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

He is also affiliated staff with the Brexit Institute, DCU.

If you would like to discuss research supervision, please contact Kevin at

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Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2022 Kevin O (2022) 'Online Copyright and the GDPR: Assessing the European Regulatory Landscape for Enforcing Copyright at the User Level'. European Intellectual Property Review, 44 (11):688-696.
2019 Kevin O'Sullivan (2019) 'Copyright and Internet Service Provider “Liability”: The Emerging Realpolitik of Intermediary Obligations'. IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, 50 (5):527-558.
2018 Kevin O'Sullivan (2018) 'Industry Strategy for the Enforcement of Copyright Online: A Spectre of Private Regulation for the EU?'. European Intellectual Property Review, :641-648.
2017 Kevin O'Sullivan (2017) 'Reforming Irish Copyright Law: The Question of Orphan Works'. Dublin University Law Journal, .
2014 Kevin O'Sullivan (2014) 'Enforcing Copyright Online: Internet Service Provider Obligations and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights'. European Intellectual Property Review, .
2013 Kevin O'Sullivan (2013) 'Irish Digital Rights in Retrograde: The Eircom Protocol and the Normative Framework of European Law'. Dublin University Law Journal, 36 .
2010 Kevin O'Sullivan (2010) 'Privity of Contract: The Potential Impact of the Law Reform Commission Recommendations on Irish Contract Law'. Judicial Studies Institute Journal, 2 :110-147. [Link]

Book Review

Year Publication
2017 Kevin O'Sullivan (2017) The European Union as Guardian of Internet Privacy: The Story of Article 16 TFEU. BREV

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2022 Kevin O'Sullivan (2022) 2022 BILETA Annual Conference Reflections on a Pandemic: Do We Need a Copyright Waiver? Exeter, United Kingdom, .
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