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My research interests are primarily in Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Algebra and applications of these branches of mathematics, with particular emphasis on Coding Theory, and Design Theory. A more complete biography, and links to my published papers, are all maintained on my personal webpage, here.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Browne, P. and Egan, R. and Hegarty, F. and \'O Cath\'ain, P. (2021) 'A survey of the Hadamard maximal determinant problem'. .
2021 Armario, J. A. and Bailera, I. and Egan, R. (2021) 'Generalized Hadamard full propelinear codes'. 89 :599-615.
2020 Crnkovi\'c (2020) 'Self-orthogonal codes from orbit matrices of Seidel and Laplacian matrices of strongly regular graphs'. 14 (4):591-602. [Link] [DOI]
2020 Egan, Ronan (2020) 'Generalizing pairs of complementary sequences and a construction of combinatorial structures'. 343 (5). [Link] [DOI]
2019 Egan, Ronan and \'O Cath\'ain, Padraig (2019) 'Morphisms of Butson classes'. 577 :78-93. [Link] [DOI]
2019 Egan, Ronan (2019) 'Phased unitary Golay pairs, Butson Hadamard matrices and a conjecture of Ito's'. 87 (1):67-74. [Link] [DOI]
2019 Crnkovi\'c (2019) 'Constructing self-orthogonal and Hermitian self-orthogonal codes via weighing matrices and orbit matrices'. 55 :64-77. [Link] [DOI]
2019 Scopus - Elsevier (2019) 'Spectra of Hadamard matrices'. Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, . [Link]
2019 Ronan Egan (2019) 'LCD codes from weighing matrices'. Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communications and Computing, . [Link] [DOI]
2019 Egan, Ronan and \'O Cath\'ain, Padraig and Swartz, Eric (2019) 'Spectra of Hadamard matrices'. 73 :501-512.
2018 Crnkovi\'c, Dean and Egan, Ronan and \vSvob, Andrea (2018) 'Orbit matrices of Hadamard matrices and related codes'. 341 (5):1199-1209. [Link] [DOI]
2018 Crnkovi\'c (2018) 'A Note on Siamese Twin Designs Intersecting in a BIBD and a PBD'. 12 (4):389-395. [Link] [DOI]
2017 Scopus - Elsevier (2017) 'Automorphisms of generalized Sylvester Hadamard matrices'. Discrete Mathematics, . [Link] [DOI]
2017 Egan, Ronan (2017) 'On equivalence of negaperiodic Golay pairs'. 85 (3):523-532. [Link]
2017 Egan, R. and Flannery, D. L. (2017) 'Automorphisms of generalized Sylvester Hadamard matrices'. 340 (3):516-523. [Link]
2017 Scopus - Elsevier (2017) 'On equivalence of negaperiodic Golay pairs'. Designs, Codes, and Cryptography, . [Link] [DOI]
2015 Scopus - Elsevier (2015) 'On linear shift representations'. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, . [Link] [DOI]
2015 Flannery, D. L. and Egan, R. (2015) 'On linear shift representations'. 219 (8):3482-3494. [Link]

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2015 Scopus - Elsevier (2015) Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics Classifying cocyclic butson hadamard matrices [Link] [DOI]
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National University of Ireland, Galway Postdoctroal Fellow 01/10/2018 - 31/05/2021
Dublin City University Assistant Professor 01/09/2021 -


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01/09/2011 National University of Ireland, Galway Ph.D.

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2022 MS221
2022 Discrete Mathematics II MS342