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I am an Associate Professor in Philosophy and Education. From 2014 until September 2019, I was seconded as Project Officer with NCCA on the multi-denominational curriculum in Community National Schools. I also co-ordinate the Ethical and Multi-Denominational Education specialism on the EdD and am Chair of the Professional Diploma in Education.  
My main research and teaching interests are currently in the areas of Philosophy of Education, Multi-Denominational Ethos and Contemporary Continental Thought.  My co-edited new book on Paulo Freire's work in a contemporary European context (with especial reference to Italy) is being published in February 2022 by Peter Lang. I am also Co-Editor (with Dr Stephen Cowden) of the Peter Lang Series, New Disciplinary Perspectives on Education (Oxford/Geneva) and of the new Interventions series in education and politics (also with Peter Lang publishers). 

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Jones Irwin (2021) '‘Authority and Freedom in Freire: Freire’s Significance as an Educational and Political Philosopher’' In: Irwin, J. and Todaro, L. (2021) [Eds.] Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education in Contemporary Context – From Italy to the World. Geneva/Oxford : Peter Lang.
2021 Jones Irwin (2021) ''Derrida and Educational Research - An Introduction''' In: Social Theory and Education Research. Understanding Foucault, Habermas, Bourdieu and Derrida. 2nd Edition (Original 2013). London, UK : Routledge/Taylor Francis.
2020 Jones Irwin (2020) '‘Ethos and Eros: Lacan Wandering Amongst the Presocratic Philosophy’' In: Studying Lacan’s Seminar VII. Routledge, 2020. In Preparation. London and New York : Routledge.
2020 Jones Irwin (2020) ''Radicalising Philosophy of Education - The Case of Jean-Francois Lyotard'' In: Philosophical Models of Education. London, UK : Routledge/Taylor Francis.
2020 Jones Irwin and Stephen Cowden (2020) ''Preface - A Critique of False and Destructive Altruism In the Educational and Political Spheres'' In: 'Giving with an agenda: New Philanthropy’s Labour in “Glocal” Education Networks of Governance' by Marina Avelar. Oxford, UK. Geneva, Switzerland : PETER LANG.
2020 Jones Irwin (2020) 'Dewey And Postmodernism - A Progressivist Critique of Standardisation in Education' In: The Contemporary Relevance of John Dewey’s Theories on Teaching and Learning: Deweyan Perspectives on Standardization, Accountability, and Assessment in Education. London, UK : Routledge/Taylor Francis.
2019 Jones Irwin (2019) '‘Post-Truth in the Age of Trump - Ideology From Right to Left After Fascism and Althusser’' In: On the Question of Truth in the Era of Trump. Koninklijke Brill NV, PA Leiden, The Netherlands : Brill, Leiden.
2018 Jones Irwin (2018) 'Alternative Genealogies of Resistance - Lyotard, Rancière and ‘68 Before and After' In: The Practice of Equality: Jacques Rancière and Critical Pedagogy. Geneva, Switzerland and Oxford,UK : Peter Lang.
2018 Jones Irwin (2018) '‘Et Après?’ - The 1970s Philosophical Fallout from May ’68 and Its Contemporary Significance’' In: Globalizing the student rebellion in the long ’68. Salamanca: FahrenHouse : FahrenHouse. Link
2017 Jones Irwin (2017) ''Theatre of Breath – An Artaud-Derrida Existential Conflict'' In: Atmospheres of Breathing: Respiratory Questions in Philosophy. New York, USA : State University of New York Press, SUNY, USA.
2016 Jones Irwin (2016) ''Existential Thought Between Ethics and Religion As Related to Curriculum – From Kierkegaard to Sartre’' In: Does Religious Education Matter?. London : Routledge. Link
2015 Jones Irwin (2015) 'The Philosophy of Paulo Freire' In: Readings for Reflective Teaching in Early Education. Bloomsbury, London, 2015. London : Bloomsbury, London.
2015 Jones Irwin (2015) '' Reading the World” – Freire, Lyotard and A Critique of Literacy Education under the Postmodern Condition’' In: Improving Literacy Skills Across Learning. CIDREE YearBook 2015. Hungary : HIERD. Budapest, Hungary.

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2020 Nelson, James and Irwin, Jones (2020) International Seminar on Religious Education and Values 'Transition Processes in Reluctant States'
2019 Jones Irwin (2019) NCAD 2019 CHANGELAB . In: Fiona King and Tony Murphy eds. Is There Any Free Space Left in the Society of the Spectacle?
2019 Jones Irwin (2019) Transfer, Transnationalization and Transformation of Education Policies (1945-2018). International Conference on Politics and History of Education. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain . In: Mariano González-Delgado eds. 'In Defence Of Process Curriculum – Connecting the Irish Experience to International Contexts'
2019 Jones Irwin (2019) Critical Education Proceedings, Naples, Italy . In: Paolo Vittoria eds. Freire and Situationism – Whither the Pedagogy of the Oppressed in the Era of the Contemporary Spectacle?, Link
2018 Jones Irwin (2018) NCAD CHANGELAB 2018 . In: Fiona King and Tony Murphy eds. Education is Never Neutral!

Edited Book

Year Publication
2021 Irwin, J. and Todaro, L (Ed.). (2021) Paulo Freire's Pedagogy in Italy: Crises, Dilemmas and Responses. Peter Lang,
2021 Jones Irwin and Barbora Badurova (Ed.). (2021) Ethical Education Across European Systems: Concepts, Practices, Dilemmas. Berlin/Geneva: Peter Lang,
2004 Jones Irwin (Ed.). (2004) War and Virtual War: The Challenges to Communities. Amsterdam: Rodopi,

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Jones Irwin, Petar Jandric et al (2021) ''A Pedagogy of Empowerment and Hope': Teaching Under Conditions of Covid 19. One Year Later'. Postdigital Science and Education, .
2020 Jones Irwin, Petar Jandric, Sarah Hayes et al (2020) ''No Return to Normal: Teaching Under Conditions of Covid 19''. Postdigital Science and Education, .
2020 Jones Irwin, Petar Jandric, Sarah Hayes et al (2020) ''Can Philosophy of Education (and The University) Change for the Better By Listening to Greta and Youth Voice?' in 'Who remembers Greta Thunberg? Education and Environment after the Coronavirus''. Educational Philosophy and Theory, .
2020 Jones Irwin (2020) ''Applying Radical Constructivism and Heuristics to Contemporary Philosophy of Education'. Open Peer Commentary on the article “Constructivism, Fast Thinking, Heuristics and Sustainable Development” by Dr Hugh Gash'. Constructivist Foundations, Volume 16 (Number 1). Link
2017 Jones Irwin (2017) 'Radicalising Philosophy of Education – The Case of Jean-Francois Lyotard'. Educational Philosophy and Theory, .


Year Publication
2017 Jones Irwin (2017) Situationism Now – Understanding Guy Debord in a Contemporary Political Context. BLOG

Book Review

Year Publication
2019 Jones Irwin (2019) Review of Mike Cole Book. 'Theresa May, The Hostile Environment and Public Pedagogies of Hate and Threat'. British Journal of Educational Studies (BJES): BREV
2021 Jones Irwin (2021) ‘Errantry, Radical Experience and Education - Why Freire Still Matters Today’. Review of Walter Kohan Paulo Freire. A Philosophical Biography. 2021. Bloomsbury, London. in Educational Review, November 2021, Birmingham, UK. BREV


Year Publication
2018 NCCA (2018) Goodness Me, Goodness You! Values and Multi-Belief Primary School Curriculum Junior Infants to 6th Class (Community National Schools). DOCS

Gov. Report or Document

Year Publication
2016 NCCA (2016) Goodness Me, Goodness You! Senior Curriculum. Dublin: GOV
2016 NCCA (2016) Goodness Me, Goodness You! Senior Curriculum Introduction and Overview. GOV

Other Journal

Year Publication
2020 Jones Irwin (2020) '‘No Futures are Inevitable’ - A Clockwork Orange As A Philosophical-Literary Platonic Fable' Volume 3, April 2020 .
2020 Jones Irwin (2020) 'The Posters of May '68 and Their Significance for a Critique of Contemporary Capitalism' . Link
2019 Jones Irwin (2019) '‘Et Après?’ - The 1970s Philosophical Fallout from May ’68 and Its Contemporary Significance’' . Link
2019 Jones Irwin (2019) '‘Mysticism and Constructivism with reference to Deconstruction and Contemporary Education’ (Open Peer Commentary on Hugh Gash’s article ‘Constructivism and Mystical Experience’)' . Link
2017 Jones Irwin (2017) 'Authority Through Freedom – On Freire’s Radicalisation of the Authority-Freedom Problem in Education' .
2016 Jones Irwin (2016) '‘A Complex Pluralism – Rights and Dilemmas in the Community National School Context’' . Link
2016 Jones Irwin (2016) 'Aesthetic-Ethical-Religious – Goodness Me! Goodness You! Curriculum With A Nod To Where The Wild Things Are’' . Link
2016 Jones Irwin (2016) 'Beyond Naïve Leftist Philosophy in Education – On Žižek’s Lacanian Politics and Pedagogy' . Link


Year Publication
2016 Jones Irwin (2016) Derrida and the Writing of the Body (first edition; paperback). London, UK: Routledge/Taylor Francis.
2014 Jones Irwin and Helena Motoh (2014) Žižek and His Contemporaries – On the Emergence of the Slovenian Lacan. London/New York: Bloomsbury. Link
2012 Jones Irwin (2012) Paulo Freire's Philosophy of Education - Origins, Developments, Impacts and Legacies. London/New York: Bloomsbury. Link
2010 Jones Irwin (2010) Derrida and the Writing of the Body. Surrey, UK: Ashgate (now Taylor and Francis). Link

Published Report

Year Publication
2020 Hunter, Aideen and Irwin, Jones (2020) 'Knowing Your Neighbour: Educating in Multi-belief contexts in Northern and Southern Ireland'. SCOTENS, .
2014 Jones Irwin/Maureen Bassett (2014) Final Report: Towards an Ethical Education Curriculum Framework for Second-level Schools. Educate Together, Hogan Place, Dublin, .
2018 Jones Irwin (2018) Towards a Values Led Redevelopment of the Primary Curriculum. NCCA, . Link
2017 Jones Irwin and James Nelson (2017) Sharing Beliefs; Sharing Education: policy and curricular responses to plurality of beliefs in Ireland, North and South. SCOTENS, .
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Research Interests

Philosophy of Education
Values Education inc. Comparative Beliefs and Religious Education
Curriculum - Theory and Practice
Multi-Denominational and Pluralist Schools and Ethoi
State Role in School Values (national/international)
Theory in Early Years Education (Steiner/Froebel)
19th and 20th Century European Philosophy
1960s and Post-'68 French Theory and Influence on Leftist Politics
Existential Thought
Participatory Action Research
Aesthetics/Poetics/Fiction (Literature and Philosophy)
Emergent Approaches to Introducing Philosophy

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date
SBSE - Sharing Beliefs; Sharing Education: policy and curricular responses to plurality of beliefs in Ireland, North and South.’ Co-Principal Investigator (with Dr James Nelson Queens, Belfast 01/12/2016 30/09/2017