Kate Pleace


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I am an Assistant Professor in Ambulatory Gynaecology in the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health at Dublin City University.

I qualified as a nurse (RN) in 2007 and have always worked within the area of women's health, I have worked in a variety of clinical areas including gynaecology, early pregnancy, fertility and the menopause both in the UK and Australia.  My key areas of specialty are fertility and the menopause. 

I completed my MSc in Reproductive Medicine and Sexual Health in 2021 and I am also trained in pelvic scanning and have completed extensive studying in women's health, counselling, gynaecology and fertility.  I am currently studying for my PhD part time with the Centre for Reproductive Research at De Montford University in Leicester.  My PhD is focusing on women's lived experience of premature menopause.

My teaching and research focuses on the areas of women's health, fertility and the menopause.