Fire Safety Management Checklist for Camp Res/ Security

Are there any construction works being undertaken?
Are all detector heads free from obstruction?
Are there any faults showing on the Fire Alarm Panel?
Have the bells on the Fire Alarm been tested?
Was alarm tested using Manual Call Point (Break Glass Unit)?
Are strobe lights in corridors working?
Are all break glass units accessible?
Are all Emergency Lighting units illuminated?
Are cleaners materials stored in appropriate areas?
Are all escape doors free from obstructions?
Can fire doors be opened outwards immediately and easily?
Are push bars and pads on doors in good working order?
Do all doors with self closing devices close fully?
Are escape routes including stairs and corridors free from obstruction?
Are fire extinguishers in place and clearly visible?
Is the pin intact on fire extinguishers?
Is the assembly point clearly visible?
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