Remote Working Self Assessment Checklist

Training - Have you watched the mandatory training on Ergonomics on Linkedin Learning? Link -
Desk - Do you have a suitable desk/table work surface that is of adequate size and stability?
Chair - Is the chair provided stable, adjustable in height, allows freedom of movement and provides lower back support?
Laptop - Have you been provided with a Laptop?
If yes, have you been provided with a laptop riser?
Monitor and Docking Station - Do you require a monitor and docking station?
Keyboard and Mouse - Have you been provided with a keyboard and mouse?
Footstool - If your feet do not sit flat on the floor whilst seated, have you been provided with a footstool?
Breaks - Are you aware that work must be arranged to ensure you take regular breaks from your workstation?
Electricity - Are there adequate and safe sockets in your work area and are cables arranged to not create a trip hazard?
Does the work location have adequate lighting and ventilation?
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