Return to Campus

Before returning to campus in July - August, the following pre-return steps must be put in place and completed:

  1. All employees must contact their manager in the first instance before returning to campus
  2. Heads/Managers must ensure documented safe practices, based on these guidelines, are in place.  
  3. COVID-19 co-ordinator(s) are most likely to be in place already from previous on  campus activity but if they are not, select COVID-19 co-ordinator(s) for your Unit and inform DCU Health & Safety of their names and email addresses to
  4. COVID-19 co-ordinators will be enrolled by the Health & Safety Office onto the online training
  5. Many units/schools may have completed a COVID-19 risk assessment previously. If this is the case the requirement is to review the COVID-19 risk assessment to ensure it is current and reflects the most recent public health advice.  Communicate the contents of the risk assessment and arrangements in place with all staff.  If not in place, carry out a  Risk Assessment of your Unit using the template provided.  Support is available from the Health and Safety Office,
  6. All staff wishing to return to campus must complete a COVID-19 Health declaration.  The Health Declaration is available from the COO’s office,   Staff who previously completed a COVID health declaration and who have not been present on campus for an extended period should, prior to return, reconfirm their status by email to their head of School/Unit.
  7. Staff who have not already completed the return to campus training, must  complete the online COVID-19 induction training programme   In many cases there will also be some local induction training to ensure all staff are aware of building and the Units layout (shared work  spaces), maximum occupancy levels etc.

Is 2m physical distancing still required?

Yes, 2m physical distancing is required irrespective of vaccination status.


If you complete a Health Declaration and subsequently leave campus for an extended period, does the declaration need to be completed again before return?

No, a second declaration is not required, however if you have been off campus for an extended period, you should prior to return, reconfirm your status by email to your Head of School/Unit.


Is international travel permitted?

Government advice is that all non-essential travel should be avoided. No work related travel is currently permitted.


Should I wear a face covering?

The wearing of face coverings on campus is required in all indoor public areas such as offices, classrooms/lecture rooms, laboratories, corridors, common areas and before entering toilet facilities.

For staff in shared office space - it is acceptable for a face covering to be removed when they are seated at their desk and there is a minimum of 2m distance from their nearest colleagues.


How do I source disinfection products?

C19 Coordinators should raise a ticket on DCU Estates Helpdesk and select “COVID Starter Kit” from the drop down menu. You will be provided with disinfectants spray, blue roll, disinfectant wipes(if available) and a disinfectant spray bottle.  Note: Only tickets raised by C19 Coordinators will be filled.

Depending on location it may be delivered to you or you may be asked to collect at a central location.

Keep an eye on stock levels. To order replacement stock raise a ticket on the DCU Estates Helpdesk and select from the list of materials required:

  • COVID Disinfectant Sprays
  • COVID Disinfectant Blue Roll
  • COVID Disinfectant Wipes
  • COVID Disinfectant Spray Bottle


How do I clean my workstation?

  • Work from the top of the PC monitor down
  • Start by wiping the top of the PC monitor, then front of the monitor
  • Wipe the monitor stand
  • Stand the keyboard on its side and gently tap it to loosen any dust or crumbs from under the keys. They should fall out onto the desk and can be wiped away into the cleaning wipe
  • While the computer is locked gently wipe the keyboard
  • Thoroughly wipe the phone mouthpiece and the earpiece of the headset
  • Wipe down your desk area including the arms of your chair
  • Wipe down contact surfaces on shared equipment using the disinfectant substance provided


Why is DCU SafeZone a tool against the spread of coronavirus?

DCU has to, in line with Government and NPHET guidelines, log who’s in work each day for contact tracing purposes for our own safety and no other reason. So we’re using the technology that we have available to us in the form of the 'Check-in' function on the SafeZone App to make this as easy as possible.

DCU is aware that a small number of staff may not want to put the SafeZone App on their phone. An alternative option is available to everybody by using the SafeZone desktop log-in function from your laptop/PC.

The most important thing is that we have a record, for contract tracing purposes only for the HSE, if you were on campus.

We would prefer not to have paper sign in sheets in every building that everybody is touching with the inherent infection risk and the added responsibility to go around and gather the information and file them.   We have an electronic system in SafeZone that is very simple, doesn’t cost us anything extra and is available in an App format for your mobile phone or desktop version.