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What if students do not wear masks?

Staff are not expected to “police” mask wearing, but we do ask that all staff encourage wearing of masks in indoor settings.  We know that some students are unable to wear masks for medical reasons.  As described above a system is in place to identify those students. 

It is reasonable to remind students that it is DCU policy that masks are worn in indoor spaces. If a student is uncooperative, please get their name and student i.d. number and contact the DCU COVID Helpline with the details.

Are staff expected to wear a mask?

Yes, you should wear a mask in indoor spaces except when seated at your desk.  You are not expected to wear a mask while teaching lectures or tutorials, as a “lecturer space” is designed separated by 2 metres from the nearest student.

Are staff required to be vaccinated?

This is a personal medical decision, and the university will not require staff to be vaccinated, or prevent unvaccinated staff from attending.  Vaccination is a sensible public health measure and it seems wise for all staff to get vaccinated unless advised against vaccination by their doctor.

Can I meet students in my office?

Yes, you can meet individual students in your office. You should leave the door or window open as much as practical to increase ventilation, and wear a mask during the meeting. 

If you feel uncomfortable meeting students in person, you can arrange to meet them via Zoom.

Do students need to be separated by 2 metre in teaching spaces?

No. The guidance for Higher Education no longer includes a requirement for 2 metre spacing. This reflects the high levels of vaccination in society. Nevertheless, students are asked to take care, and to maintain as much distance as possible.

What arrangements are in place for staff and students who are medically vulnerable?

Any staff member or student who is medically vulnerable should ensure that they are fully vaccinated before coming on campus, unless advised otherwise by their doctor.

If a staff member is medically vulnerable, they should contact their line manager, who will in turn refer the staff member Occupational Health via Human Resources.

If there are students who are particularly vulnerable, they should contact Student Services, who will guide them through the necessary medical and risk assessments.

Can I plan a field trip for students?

Field trips may be permitted provided they are arranged in compliance with Public Health Guidelines and in compliance with DCU Field Trip Policy

Will exams be held on campus or remotely?

We anticipate that we will be able to hold exams on campus in December 2021

What if a staff member has some symptoms and is scheduled to teach?

Just as for students, staff who have symptoms that might be COVID or have been told to self-isolate, should not come onto the campus. If you are ill, you can cancel the class, as normal in cases of illness.

If you are not ill, but required to self-isolate, you can switch to remote teaching. If you switch to remote teaching, please record the class to make it available to students who were unable to participate at the right time.

Will there be conferring’s?

The University has committed to having on-campus Graduation Ceremonies for all students when the public health guidelines allow this to proceed as normal.