VDU Workstation Self Assessment

Chair and Work Surface Adjustment

To be seated properly in your chair your feet must rest flat on the floor and your thighs parallel to the floor  You should use a footrest if your chair does not adjust low enough or if your work surface is too high. 


The lumbar support on the back of your chair should fit into the small of your back and should match the natural curve of your spine. If the chair back is adjustable forward and backward, adjust the angle to what is comfortable for you.


Is your chair height adjustable?
Is your chair back adjustable up and down?
Is your chair back contoured to support the lower back?
Is there room (1"- 4") between the front edge of the seat pan and the back of your knees?
Do your chair arms interfere with you getting close to your work?
Do your chair arms allow you to sit with your shoulders relaxed and not elevated?
Do your feet rest flat on the floor or are they supported by a foot rest?
Are your knees bent forming approximately a 90 degree or greater angle?
With your chair adjusted properly is your work surface at approximately elbow level?
Are your shoulders relaxed and not elevated when you work at your work surface?

Monitor Adjustment

Once you have your chair and work surface height adjusted, adjust your computer monitor so the top of the screen is at or just below eye level.


Is the viewing distance to your computer monitor somewhere between 18"- 30"?
Is the top of your computer screen at or just below eye level?
If your wear bifocals or trifocals, can you see the computer monitor without having to tilt your head back to read the screen or other items in your work area?

Keyboard and Mouse

Try to keep the mouse as close to the centerline of your body as possible to minimise the amount of reaching you have to do.

If you type and reference material from paper you should consider using a document holder. Place the document holder at the same distance and height as your computer monitor.


Is your computer monitor free of glare or reflections?
Do you have enough room on your work surface for all your computer accessories?
Are your most frequently accessed items (e.g. phone, manuals, etc.) easy to reach?
Do you have an adjustable document holder to hold paper for prolonged computer inputting?
If a large percentage of your time involves using a phone do you use a phone headset?

Work Habits

It's very important to take a break from working at your computer every hour. Micro breaks can be taken every 30 mins.

  • While taking a microbreak, perform light stretching at your desk. .
  • Let your eyes relax when working on the computer for long periods of time, implement the 20/20/20 rule


Do you take a break from VDU work at least 5 minutes in every hour?
Do you frequently change body positions while working?
Do you provide your eyes with vision breaks every half hour?
Are you experiencing any pain or discomfort while working?
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