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The spread of COVID-19 is a new and challenging event. It has meant a lot of change for how we live our lives right now and this includes your college experience. Remember we are all in this together and this will not be forever.
We believe through the challenges you can still embrace a special college experience. We also know that for many of us, the pandemic has given us a space to really look at our own wellbeing.

Have you noticed any changes to your behaviour since March? These can be both helpful and harmful. You might have made improvements in areas such as exercise but developed some less helpful ones like drinking more alcohol or not reaching out. 

In this section, we aim to provide you will information, tips and resources to help.

Your mental health and wellbeing is something DCU takes seriously. Student Support and Development have lots of supports available to you including a Counselling and Personal Development Service


COVID 19 has brought new life challenges and these changes can disrupt our normal routines.

Remember how resilient you are, you have power and strength far beyond your awareness. 

Is the matter an emergency?
Call Samaritans 116 123 - 24 hours; 7 days a week; free

We all have mental health, something we can forget. If you broke your arm you would automatically know to rest, be kind to yourself and talk to friends and family. The same should go for your mental health.

Just like our physical health there are things we can do every day to support us, little things. 

Tips to coping with COVID 19 including taking breaks from the news, taking time to unwind, moving your body, setting goals and priorities, focus on the facts, connect with others

Technology is an amazing thing, it's brought so much to enhance our lives. During this pandemic it has been an important source of connection as well as a means for us to study or work remotely.

However we must remember there is a downside. It is important that we balance our use of technology and social media in a way that bests supports us.

DCU Healthy Tips:

  • Consider all the applications you have, do you need them all?
  • Remove notifications, including daily COVID cases
  • Delete social media applications but not your account
  • Unfollow or mute people or pages that do not make you feel good
  • Try reading a book or listening to music last thing at night


DCU Sports and Wellbeing through DCU Athletics and DCU Healthy have set up a virtual walking/ running/ cycling community on Strava.

We aim to motivate staff and students to move more both on campus or at home. This is a community for everyone, no matter your level, everyone is welcome! 

Click here to join

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Studying and working from home more means we are moving less. Being at home means we miss opportunities for incidental physical activity throughout our day such as walking to the bus, a lecture or to the printer.

Together with DCU Sport we are putting together monthly stretching videos to help guide you.


Ep.1 -10 min Stretching Video with Denise

Avoid Aclohol #HealthyAtHome

Avoid Alcohol #HealthyAtHome

Eat a Variety of Food

Eat a Variety of Food #HealthyAtHome

Cut Back on Salt

Cut back on Salt #HealthyAtHome


Eat Moderate amount of Fats #HealthyAtHome

Reduce Sugar Consumption

Reduce Sugar Consumption #HealthyAtHome

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated #HealthyAtHome

Now more then ever we all be spending more time studying and working from home.  Check out these 5 top tips from our Occupational Therapist Susan Madigan, it's really helpful on guiding you through your day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPW7snIyTjs&t=15s