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DCU in the Community: DCU Volunteer

Why Volunteer

Create new connections & new skills:

  • Develop confidence and attibutes that employers admire
  • Explore new communities
  • Increase your social circle
  • Learn new skills
  • Get the feel good factor
  • Gain academic credits with the Uaneen Module www.dcu.ie/uaneen
  • Build communication skills, patience, teamwork & creativity 
  • Leadership: Take active and key roles in organisations
  • Creativity: Stretch yourself intellectually
  • Enterprise: Develop and demonstrate initiative
  • Commitment: Prove your reliability and sticking power
  • Effective communication: Improve key communication and social skills
  • Continuous learning: Share skills and knowledge, learn from others
  • Problem solving ability: Become solution and action-focused
  • Engagement: Listen, understand, empathise and contribute
  • Flexibility: Develop transferable skills and responsiveness
  • Responsibility: Develop autonomy, personal responsibility Cultural and ethical awareness:
  • Engage: with and learn from diverse groups
  • Employability: Embrace challenges for personal and professional development

Many organisations, charities and local community groups would not exist without the skills and enthusiasm volunteers bring. DCU actively encourages students to graduate with a rounded set of skills and experience as well as their degree.

Volunteering is promoted by an increasing number of employers. They see the benefits it brings to their localities, reputation, staff bonding and training opportunities. Where companies used to donate cash, now they often donate their time and skills. This is the real value-added aspect is in terms of corporate social responsibility.