Why volunteer?

Shows group of female students sitting in DCU St Patrick's Campus

 A person who gives up some of their time to volunteer can enjoy numerous benefits to their lives, as well as making a meaningful contribution to both local and international communities. 

You can give: 

  • Your free time to do something you care about and enjoy
  • Something back to your local, student and international communities
  • Your skills, enthusiasm and expertise to help other people or the environment
  • Your energy to make a positive contribution to society
  • Inspiration to others with your enthusiasm and commitment

You can gain: 

  • A platform for meeting new people and developing long lasting friendships
  • An opportunity to do something you love and enjoy
  • Key transferable skills such as communication, leadership, initiative taking, teamwork, creativity and time management.
  • Work experience, training and skills which will improve your CV and future career perspectives
  • Satisfaction from giving back to your community and making a real difference to people’s lives
  • Academic credits in assignments and modules ( The Uaneen module is one example of this)
  • Contributions towards the DCU Engage Award which recognises students extra-curricular activities