PR 5 Digital Badges for Achievement of Handwashing Competency


After successful completion of handwashing, student will have a passcode for Moodle/Loop to enter to receive their digital badge. Instructions as to how to create a digital badge is included for teachers below.

Create a Course in Moodle

If you don’t already have a course dedicated to the AHEAD project or the handwashing
assessment, create one.

See here for more info on creating a course in Moodle

Hand Washing Competency Badge Verification

Create a quiz in Moodle

Suggested Name: Hand Washing Competency Badge Verification 

Suggested Description Text: Once you successfully complete the AHEAD hand washing competency activity, you will be provided a three-digit code by the testing device. You will enter that code here to verify your competency and receive the Hand Washing Competency digital badge. 

After completing verification here: you can return to the home page of this course, and click Badges to view and download your badge.

Create Verification Question 

Create a Short Answer Question Bank of the Quiz. 

Suggested Question Name: Enter your Verification Code 

Suggested Question Text: When you successfully complete the hand washing assessment, the device will provide you with a unique three-digit code. Please enter that three-digit verification code here. 

Suggested General Feedback: Thank you for entering your verification code. You should now receive notification of receipt of the AHEAD Handwashing Competency Digital Badge.

Hand Washing Competency Badge Verification full
Answer: Important: the answer should be *** (three asterixis). This allows there to be any combination of three characters for a “correct” answer.

Grade: Set grade to 100

Create a Course Badge 

If course badges have been enabled in Site administration > Badges > Badges settings then a teacher can add badges from Course navigation > More > Badges > Add a new badge. 

For more information on creating a course badge, see this support doc

ahead cert

Ahead Digital Badge on completion

English: “The recipient of this badge has successfully completed the hand washing assessment based on the WHO (2009) hand washing guidelines. This badge is a credential designed and distributed by the Assessment in Healthcare EducAtion goes digital (AHEAD) project team. The AHEAD project is a partnership between Dublin City University, Hanse Institut Oldenburg, Ilia State University, and Medical University of Lodz. AHEAD is an Erasmus+ Project, co-funded by the European Union. For more info, visit:

Polish: “Osoba posiadająca tę odznakę pomyślnie ukończyła ocenę  dotyczącą mycia rąk w oparciu o wytyczne WHO (2009) dotyczące mycia rąk. Ta odznaka jest dokumentem uwierzytelniającym zaprojektowanym i rozpowszechnianym przez zespół projektowy Assessment in Healthcare EducAtion Go Digital (AHEAD). Projekt AHEAD jest efektem współpracy Uniwersytetu Miejskiego w Dublinie, Hanse Institut Oldenburg, Ilia State University i Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi. AHEAD to projekt Erasmus+, współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską. Więcej informacji można znaleźć na stronie:

German: “Der Empfänger dieses Abzeichens hat die zum Händewaschen basierend auf den Handwaschrichtlinien der WHO (2009) erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Bei diesem Abzeichen handelt es sich um einen Kompetenznachweis, der vom Projektteam „Assessment in Healthcare EducAtion goes digital“ (AHEAD) entworfen und verteilt wird. Das AHEAD-Projekt ist eine Partnerschaft zwischen der Dublin City University, dem Hanse Institut Oldenburg, der Ilia State University und der Medizinischen Universität Lodz. AHEAD ist ein Erasmus+-Projekt, das von der Europäischen Union kofinanziert wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: