AHEAD Project - Dublin City University (DCU)

The Dublin City University (DCU) Irish team members are:

  1. Daniela Lehwaldt
  2. Mary Kelly
  3. Ciara White
  4. Susan Hourican
  5. Patrick Doyle
  6. Mark Glynn,
  7. Suzanne Stone
  8. Cathal Gurrin
  9. Jiang Zhou,
  10. John Damalerio.
  11. Justin Dawson

This team will be in charge of Project Management and IO5 (Video-based Assessment using AI)

Key staff from within the University's schools are collaborating to achieve the best outcomes for the project. They have
considerable expertise in digital learning technologies. Dr Daniela Lehwaldt (PhD, MScN, PGDipEd, BNS) is the
Academic Lead in Nursing where she is responsible for developing the academic discipline of Nursing within the School.

She has considerable experience in leading groups and in managing European and global projects e.g. she led the Irish team during the Erasmus+ funded eCoNNECT project. Daniela will lead the consortium during the proposed AHEAD project. Daniela has an ongoing commitment towards digital skills development in nursing education currently also in a nationally funded eportfolio project and in the past in various other project on online teaching and learning.

Dr Mary Kelly (EdD, MSc, BNS, RGN, RNT) has considerable experience in online teaching. She led the DCU team that collaborated with ten worldwide universities to develop the online learning programme ‘Teaching and Assessing for Healthcare Practice’. Mary’s research and publications have focused on the experience of qualified nurses in assessing student nurses’ clinical skills and on the development and evaluation of digital methods.

Susan Hourican (AAS, RGN, BSc, R.N.T, MSc Ed) was actively involved in the development of a national online hybrid preceptorship programme. She led the accreditation of an online learning teaching format into the Bachelor of Nursing Studies degree programme. Susan has experience in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating educational tools such as interactive videos and simulation exercises for teaching and assessment.

Dr Ciara White (PhD, MSc, RGN, RNT), Assistant Professor, has a keen interest in the development of digital learning and assessment in nursing education. She has previous experience in teaching blended programmes on post graduate and stand-alone programmes using a variety of different virtual learning environment platforms. Most recently Ciara was involved in the design, development and implementation of e-learning modules for nurses on the use of nursing data for quality improvement within the HSE in Ireland.

Patrick Doyle (MSc Multimedia Systems, BA Media Production) is a Senior Technical Officer within the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health where he coaches staff to use ‘Loop’ and new technologies for various programmes. Patrick has experience within Ireland's National Research and Education Network, where he worked on the national framework for a video platform in education.

Dr Mark Glynn (PhD, MSc in e-learning and Certificates in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and Online assessment) is the Head of the Teaching Enhancement Unit. He plays a key leadership role in promoting innovative teaching and learning methods throughout DCU and is considered to be a leading authority in academic integrity, universal design for learning and the use of virtual learning environments such as Moodle. Mark has also had leadership roles in the Irish Learning Technology Association and the Educational Developers in Ireland Network, two of the leading organisations for learning innovation in Irish higher education.

Dr Cathal Gurrin is an Associate Professor at the School of Computing, Deputy Head of the School, and a co-investigator at the Adapt centre and Insight Centre for Data Analytics. Gurrin leads a group of ten researchers dedicated to developing data analytics technologies for a wide range of multimedia data, from image/video to text and sensor data. The highly interdisciplinary research advanced by his group, integrates computer science, cognitive science and data-driven healthcare analytics to generate next-generation digital records.

Dr Graham Healy is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing. His research interests involve human-computer interaction, brain-computer interfacing, machine learning and data analytics.