Assessment in Healthcare EducAtion goes Digital (AHEAD)

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Co-Funded by the European Union

Background / introduction

This is a 2.5 year funded Erasmus+ project in the field of healthcare education across four European countries, namely, Ireland (Lead), Germany, Georgia and Poland. It aims at:


(i)Engaging participants and encourage them to become involved in the transformation towards digital healthcare assessment

(ii)Fostering digital assessment that is in-line with ongoing Higher and VET education and EU Digital Education agendas

(iii)Addressing knowledge and skills gaps, hopes and concerns of teachers and learners, and develop their capabilities in the area of digital assessment

(iv)Developing video-based self-assessment and peer assessment by means of innovative technologies (AI) and software,

(v)Rewarding learning by means of open source digital badges / micro-credentialing.


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Project Results

Project Results

1.In this output, we are involving participants from each partner institution in co-creation workshops and surveys to develop insights into teachers' and learners' digital transformation needs.

2.A competency framework for teachers and learners in health care education in the field of digital assessment will be developed.

3.Micro-learning units will enhance teacher-and learner competencies and assist in the integration of digital assessments in their teaching and learning practice.


4. In this output, project partners will develop a digital rubric and peer assessment where students can provide peer feedback on a video-recorded skill. Students will be empowered to become involved in assessment and to impact on the grade awarded to learners for a healthcare related skill.

5. A video-based assessment using Artificial Intelligence and including an open source digital badge as evidence of achievement will be developed and tested within this project.

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