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School of Arts Education & Movement

The School of Arts Education and Movement brings together expertise in teaching and research across the spectrum of arts education practices involving drama education, music education, visual arts education and physical education, as well as themes in creativity and imagination in education.

The School is concerned with the spectrum of educational practices from early childhood through primary and post-primary contexts, as well as education beyond compulsory schooling.

Scholarship within the School of Arts Education and Movement addresses the unique knowledge found in experiences that are aural, visual, kinaesthetic, somatic and embodied within education contexts, and considers them from multidimensional perspectives, including and not limited to, curricular, pedagogical, philosophical, psychological, sociological, critical, historical and political perspectives.

Programmes offered by the School of Arts Education include undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Certificate, Diploma, Masters and Doctoral Level that forge connections within physical education and within each arts area, as well as across the broad field of education theory, research and practice.

Teaching and learning methods emphasise experiential learning, collaborative and inclusive practice, and innovative use of digital technology and online learning.

The team of teacher educators in the School of Arts Education and Movement are committed to the empowerment of the next generation of teachers as dynamic, ethical leaders in arts education and physical education who will make a significant and unique contribution to the holistic learning of children and young people.