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Opportunities for Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Research

The School of Biotechnology welcomes applications from postgraduates interested in research in the areas of expertise of our faculty. Further Information for prospective research students can be found below. Research opportunities at Masters, PhD or post-doctoral level may come available at any time of year. For further information please contact us.

Current opportunities:

Details of PhD research project opportunities currently avaialble in DCU School of Biotechnology 

Useful Information for prospective applicants:

 How to Apply

 Interested applicants must submit the following:

  • research proposal (of approx. 5,000 words) (guidelines below).
  • letter and CV, including results for undergraduate and postgraduate awards (for each year of study) and any projects, dissertations or thesis completed.
  • Name of the faculty member supporting your application.

 You should only apply if a member of faculty is supporting your application. You may self-fund or get funded for your PhD.

 Writing a Research Proposal

Read the guidelines on writing a PhD research proposal and ensure you:

  • Clearly outline your chosen research question.
  • Display evidence of your familiarity with relevant literature relating to your research question, including knowledge of published research from appropriate research journals.
  • Position your research question(s) in the relevant research literature.
  • Indicate the contribution your research will make to this body of knowledge.
  • Suggest a possible methodology that is suitable for your study.

 Applicants who have the support of a proposed supervisor may be invited to interview.  If successful, you will be required to apply formally to DCU via the Postgraduate Applications Centre. Please note that applications submitted to the PAC before faculty approval has been given, will not be considered.

 Further Information
 Funding and Sponsorship