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School of Biotechnology
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Keith Rochfort
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Dr. Keith Rochfort is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences based in the School of Biotechnology/National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology (NICB). He received his BSc. in Analytical Science (2004) and PhD in Vascular Science (2013) from Dublin City University. Part of PRTLI Targeted Therapeutics and Theranostics (T3) Program, his PhD focused on endothelial cell signalling and blood vessel remodeling in response to health and disease. Upon graduating, he undertook a Science Foundation Ireland-funded Postdoctoral position with the Conway Institute at University College Dublin (2013-2016), before returning to DCU as a Senior Research Scientist as part of a Science Foundation Ireland US-Ireland Research Program developing genomic therapeutics towards vascular disease (2016-2018). He was hired as Assistant Professor by the School of Biotechnology in 2018 (-Present) delivering and coordinating modules for Schools within the Faculty of Science and Health, and Faculty of Engineering and Computing, whilst also advancing his research as part of the Endothelial Biology Group at DCU. His research interests include healthy ageing and sustainability, with an focus on environmental factors which drive the pathological mechanisms and associated signalling events of vascular disease states, and developing diagnostic and therapeutic interventions towards such.