Church of Ireland Centre

Welcome to the Church of Ireland Centre.

The DCU Church of Ireland Centre is a place of education and for education, a place of diversity and for diversity, a place of community and for community.

The Church of Ireland Centre supports the Irish Protestant community and its network of schools. It provides the B.Ed pathway for those particularly preparing to teach in Protestant primary schools. Click here for information on the Chruch of Ireland Centre DC004 pathway into and thorough the DCU B.Ed programme. 

The Church of Ireland Centre was established following the Incorporation Agreement in 2016. Its functions, sturctures and staffing were agreed and published in 2014 in "A New Vision of Education for All the Children of Ireland". 

Two papers delivered by CIC personnel at the online ESAI 3rd - 5th September Conference: Duffy, Feeney and Lodge RSE Paper ESAI 2020; Lodge and Tuohy Small Schools Value for Learning Paper ESAI