Church of Ireland Centre



Rev. Prof. Anne Lodge is the Director of the Church of Ireland Centre.  She lectures and researches in the areas of equality, educational culture and ethos, and individual and community identities and relationships.   Prof. Lodge is a member of the School of Policy and Practice in the DCU Institute of Education.

Ms. Geraldine O’Connor is the Director of School Placement for the Church of Ireland Centre. 

Ms. Jacqui Wilkinson co-ordinates and lectures in the Religious Education Certificate and the Religions, Ethics, Morals and Values component of the B.Ed programme.

Name Campus Role Room Number Phone Number Edit entry
Dr Anne Lodge All Hallows Campus Director AHCD010 01 700 01 7006075
Ms Geraldine O'Connor All Hallows Campus Director of School Placement AHCD012 01 700 01 7006056
Ms Jacqui Wilkinson All Hallows Campus Lecturer - REMV AHCD011 01 700 01 700 5482
Ms Olivia Guffroy All Hallows Campus Administrator AHCD009 01 700 01 700 6074