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Applying for the B.Ed via the Church of Ireland Centre pathway (DC004)


Students on the Church of Ireland Centre‚Äôs pathway study the B.Ed programme along with their classmates in DCU.  Click here to read the information sheet about the DC004 pathway and application process. Certain elements of the programme are unique to them. 

  • The CIC students do the majority of their School Placements in Protestant primary schools. 
  • They study the RE Cert to prepare to teach the Follow Me religious education programme used in Protestant primary schools and learn about the ethos of those schools. 
  • They take modules that study Christianity from a reformed perspective, look at world faiths, explore social and moral issues, and study the RE programmes and cultures of all types of Irish primary schools.
  • They follow the specialism to prepare them to teach in small schools and multi-level classes.  The aptitudes learned in this specialism benefit all those studying to be primary teachers.  There are five modules in this specialism:
    • Inclusive Practices in Primary Classrooms
    • Teaching Multilevel Classes
    • Early Childhood Education 
    • Outdoor and Project-Based lerning in the Classroom and the School
    • Teaching, Leading and Learning in Small Schools


Application is made via the CAO.  Applicants need to include DC004 in their CAO choices by 1st February on the year of entry in order to be considered for eligibility.  The description of the DC004 pathway as 'RESTRICTED' refers only to the application and eligibility assessment. Candidates must add DC004 by 1st Feb in the year of application and must pass the eligibility assessment to continue o the DC004 pathway. 


Students on this pathway need to demonstrate a knowledge of, and willingness to support, the Protestant ethos of these primary schools.  Such knowledge and connection can include attendance at primary or post-primary schools under Protestant patronage, active engagement in a range of social and other clubs and activities (e.g. GFS, BB, GB, Church youth club).  It can also include engagement with a parish or church or religious network in any of the Protestant traditions .

Eligibility is assessed by a separate application form sent out from DCU in the Spring.  Applicants may be interviewed to assess eligibility.  


There are a maximum of 32 students per year given places in this stream in 1st year.   The published points vary from year to year due to the small number of places on offer.  This means it is impossible to pinpoint accurately from year to year. 

For more information on the application process, follow this link check the DCU prospectus and keep an eye on the CIC website for updates.