Civic Engagement

Civic engagement at DCU has developed a strong national and international profile, widely recognised as a model of best practice.

Civic engagement contributes to DCU as a university of engagement. It has promoted various initiatives and is run by a vibrant Civic Engagement Forum.

Under the broad banner of DCU in the community we have developed the following initiatives:

DCU in the Community- community and adult education - suite of accredited and informal lifelong learning and education programmes delivered at an outreach centre in North Dublin in partnership with Dublin City Council.

DCU Volunteer – part of a national platform ( and in partnership with DCU Students' Union and Clubs & Societies.

Centre for Engaged Research-The Centre for Engaged Research focuses on community, social, civic and enterprise engagement in the areas of health, justice, access, employment, education, environment and social inclusion.


We also promote two initiatives in the area of social innovation for community and enterprise engagement:

NorDubCo – a think-and-do tank promoting social, economic and civic development across North Dublin,

North-South Social Innovation Network – dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and learning across sectors and cross-border.