What is Civic Engagement?


Civic Engagement is a cornerstone of DCU’s uniqueness. DCU aims to be a driver of social and economic development in our local and regional community .

Civic engagement is best defined as a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and the community, understood in its broadest sense to encompass local, national and global individuals and associations committed to social, economic, political and cultural development. It encompasses a range of activities through which staff and students engage with the needs of communities and also seek a development of their own social understanding though active and global citizenship. In brief, civic engagement means working to 'make a difference' in the civic life of our communities through the development of appropriate knowledge, skills and values.

"Engagement with the wider community must become more firmly embedded in the mission of higher education institutions. Higher education institutions need to become more firmly embedded in the social and economic contexts of the communities they live in and serve" (National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030) 

In 2014 twenty Presidents of higher education institutions endorsed the Campus Engage Charter for Civic and Community Engagement a significant milestone in terms of fulfilling the National Strategy for Higher Education.