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Office of Civic Engagement
Name Role Phone
Dr. Deiric O'Broin Head of Civic Engagement and CEO, NorDubCo 7008862
Ms. Natalja Matease Office Manager 7006858
DCU in the Community
Name Role Phone
Ms. Aya Ammar Tutor 7008800
Ms. Najwa Achour Reception 7008800
Ms. Natalja Matease Office Manager

7006858 /


Ms. Orla Mooney Tutor 7008800
Mr. Luke Quinlan Tutor 7008804
Ms. Angela Farrely Tutor 7008800
Centre for Engaged Research
Name Role Phone
Prof. Ronaldo Munck Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Civic Engagement 7007898 / 7008850
Mr. Luke Quinlan DCU Centre for Engaged Research Coordinator 7005635 / 7008804




Student Volunteering
Name Role Phone
Ms. Justyna Byrzykowska Student Volunteering Coordinator 7007898 / 7008850
Research Fellows
Dr. Maria Avila Post-Doctoral Researcher
Dr. Mary Hyland Visiting Researcher
Dr. Vanessa Liston Post-Doctoral Researcher
Dr. Gloria Macri Post-Doctoral Researcher
Dr. Lisa O'Quinn Visiting Researcher
Dr Pascual Garcia Visiting Researcher
Dr Peter McEwoy Visiting Researcher