Civic Engagement Forum


 Terms of Reference Civic Engagement Forum
  1. To network and organise across the different facets of civic engagement at DCU, creating synergies and showcasing existing work;
  2. To develop knowledge/expertise about civic engagement across campus and help embed CE principles in teaching and learning;
  3. To source and allocate resources to strategic initiatives around the civic engagement strategy;
  4. To act as a forum for communication and drive creative alignment across the broad area of engagement at DCU, civic, social and enterprise;
  5. To advise and act as sounding board for the Head of Civic Engagement in developing and delivering a rolling plan for civic engagement;
  6. To consider and develop the ideas and suggestions coming from the external panel of the Civic Engagement Forum;
  7. To organise the restructured annual President's Award for Engagement and seek to build its profile across the institution;
  8. To develop a media presence for the strategic area of civic engagement through the Office of Civic Engagement website, the DCU home page and other relevant outlets;
  9. To act as champions of civic engagement in our respective schools and units and seek out new CE practitioners and leaders;
  10. To meet on a quarterly basis and submit minutes and recommendations to the relevant management and strategy structures.




Civic Engagement Forum Meetings Minutes are available at: