Contributing to the Effective and Equitable Decarbonization of International Shipping

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Dr. Goran Dominioni, Assistant Professor in Law, School of Law & Government

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is debating measures to decarbonise the international shipping sector.

I am delivering a training programme for delegates to the IMO from Small Island Developing States, Least Developed Countries, and African States.

The programme aims to enhance delegates' capacity and strengthen their informed participation and decision-making in IMO negotiations.

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DCU training for IMO delegates

Part 1 of the programme was attended by over 40 participants representing 29 countries.


I support the effective and equitable transition of international shipping through various activities, including:

IMO Negotiations

Negotiations at the International Maritime Organization

  • In 2022, I was a member of the World Bank delegation to the 79th meeting of the IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee. Negotiations focused on shipping's decarbonization and the equitable transition of the sector.
  •  In 2022, my research on shipping's decarbonization was submitted by the World Bank to the IMO
  •  In the last year, I have presented my research on shipping's decarbonization at various policy workshops, including at the IMO and the OECD.