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Who should I trust with my data?

ADAPT Citizens' Think-In on Data Ethics, Privacy and Trust

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The SFI ADAPT Centre invites you to join a public Think-In on trust in regards to the collection and use of your data.

About this event


More than ever, our lives are becoming more digital. As we move from app to app and website to website, we leave increasingly large data trails online. Companies want us to sign in to their services to collect and process our data, but people rarely have the time, or the information, to understand the full implications of these terms, conditions and privacy notices.

The EU Commission is proposing a Data Governance Act that aims to improve trust between people who share their data and the organisations who then control our data. 

The Data Governance Act would allow for the creation of data cooperatives who can then represent individuals before BigTech companies and other organisations. So now is a good time to ask: ‘Who should I trust with my data?’

About the Citizens’ Think-In

The Think-In on 9 June will have the following format: 

  • You will be introduced to the topic by Trinity College Dublin’s Professor Dave Lewis. 
  • You will then be invited to join a breakout session to share your opinions in small group discussions. These sessions will be facilitated by experts whose research includes data privacy and trust. 
  • After the break out sessions, the whole group will come back to the main room to share their opinions and ideas. 

You don’t need to have any expertise in the area – all necessary details will be provided and we are interested in hearing opinions from everyone. The public opinions gathered during the Think-In will play an important role in shaping future ADAPT research into data ethics and trust. 

A participant at one of ADAPT’s Citizens’ Think-Ins said : 

“It definitely got people from the public and researchers chatting. [The event] promoted awareness and understanding, and gave participants an opportunity to have a say”

This event is part of a series of ADAPT Citizens' Think-Ins on the ethical issues we face in the digital age. The next Citizens’ Think-In will see ADAPT partner with Smart D8 and St James’ Hospital on 7 July 2021 to hold a public discussion focusing on the question “What is My Health Information?”