Tell It Straight - The Final

Tell It Straight - The Final

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Professor Joseph Stokes, Dean of Graduate Studies, is pleased to invite you to to the broadcasting of 'Tell It Straight' The Final on Thursday, 24th of June at 14.30pm (GMT).

Please join us in supporting research students as they present their work in a concise and succinct way, with the main objective to deliver their research suitable to a non-specialist audience.

The Finalists presenting their research at this year’s final competition will be:

Category 1:  Oral Presentations (from Year 1 only)

  1. Paul Mahon - School of STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies
  2. Anwesha Mohanty - School of Computing
  3. Craig Smith - School of Health and Human Performance
  4. Joseph Rodgers - School of History and Geography
  5. Christina O’Keeffe - School of Inclusive and Special Education

Category 2:  Oral Presentations (from Year 2 onwards)

  1. Cliona McParland - DCU Business School
  2. Sarah Dillon - School of Health and Human Performance
  3. Siobhán Woods - School of Psychology
  4. Jennifer Okeke - School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health

Category 3:  Video Presentations (from all Years)

  1. Rosa Marina Senent Julián -  School of Applied Languages & Intercultural Studies
  2. Taylor-Jade Allen-Coyle - School of Biotechnology
  3. Freya Dasgupta - School of Theology, Philosophy and Music
  4. Enrica Amplo - School of STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies
  5. Devika Dass - School of Electronic Engineering