Creating a Stronger Connection between Creativity, Innovation & Engineering
Creating a Stronger Connection between Creativity, Innovation & Engineering

Webinar | Shaping the Future of ENGINEERING EDUCATION

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Four in every five companies surveyed said they didn’t have the right innovation and creativity skills. But then, they didn’t have access to Creative Engine to close their skills gap!


So, what’s Creative Engine, I hear you ask.

Well, join us online on Wednesday 30th June 2021 for the Shaping the Future of Engineering Education conference, where we’ll be addressing the need to create a stronger connection between Creativity, Innovation and Engineering, and you’ll find out more about Creative Engine – a new online resource that is free and easy to use.

Now more than ever, we need to prepare the next generation, so they can embrace change, manage disruption and be open to new ideas that promote innovation and drive active participation in a knowledge-based society.

Creativity and Innovation skills are fundamental to all academic disciplines, business practices and societal growth. But are young professionals equipped with these multidisciplinary skills needed to tackle problems, generate solutions, and meet the demands of modern industry? Despite companies stating they need innovation-ready engineering graduates, few institutions can deliver on this requirement.

That is why Creative Engine was developed. It’s a new, free and accessible solution for educational institutions, business and industry to help you embrace creativity and new innovative thinking in your organisation.

At this Webinar Conference, you’ll get an exclusive preview of the Creative Engine online platform, and you’ll learn how it can become your one-stop resource for your Innovation and Creativity skills development needs.



Professor Sa’ad Sam Medhat

Prof Medhat is an Entrepreneur, Technologist and Philanthropist with thirty years of leadership experience in business, education and government. He’s the founding CEO of the UK’s Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange responsible for professionalizing the work of innovators across all areas of business and industry. He’s also the founder of the STEM Foundation, an educational charity supporting the professional development of Science, Engineering and Technology lecturers, where the work of his charity has impacted over 700,000 lives across the country. He’s a Visiting Professor to the University of Westminster, University of Suffolk and Plymouth’s St Mark and St John University. Prof Medhat is a member of the ISO International Committee responsible for setting International Innovation Standards, and he sits on the Scientific and Parliamentary Committee, linking policy with science and technology innovations.


Mike Pilbeam

Mike is the Global Vice President, Presales at Hewlett Packard Enterprises. After starting life as a Design Engineer, Mike entered into marketing and management. He has headed up many senior leadership roles in the networking industry, and has been responsible for building and managing next generation technical sales organisations at national and international level. He’s the former Head of Pre-Sales, Dell EMC and Vice President for Sales and Technical Operations, Cisco and he’s a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and a member of the IKE Institute’s Innovation Council.