Sexuality Studies Public Webinars
10 public webinars will take place between January 27th and April 7th

Sexuality Studies Public Webinars

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Wednesday 27th January 2021 (week 2)

The Incest Taboo and Theatrical Adaptations - From Oedipus to Modernity

Dr Sarah Meehan-O’Callaghan (SALIS Alumna), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 3rd February 2021 (Week 3)

Tutti Frutti: Little Richard, Sex, Gender, and Transgression in America and Europe

Dr Jacob Bloomfield (Zukunftskolleg Postdoctoral Fellow) Universität Konstanz, Germany

Wednesday 10th February 2021 (Week 4)

The Manosphere, Incels and the Politics of Sexual Entitlement

Dr Debbie Ging (School of Communications), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 24th February 2021 (Week 6)

Sumpshuss Excavations

Maighread Medbh (Doctoral Scholar, School of English), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 (Week 7)

Eve Was Framed: Sex, Gender and Catholic Anthropology

Dr Alyson Staunton (School of Theology, Philosophy and Music), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 10th March 2021 (Week 8)

Keen Streets, Lean Streets, Mean Streets

Denis Kehoe, National College of Arts and Design, Ireland

Wednesday 24th March 2021 (Week 10)

Bodies and Boundaries: Queer Embodiment and the Femme(nist) Fatale in Under the Skin David O’Mullane (Doctoral Scholar, SALIS), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 31st March 2021 (Week 11)

Braiiiiiiins (and Sex): Zombie Porn and Sexuality

Dr Caroline West (SALIS Alumni), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 7th April 2021 (Week 12)

Hymenoplasty, Hormone Therapy and Sex Reassignment Surgery: Negotiating Gender in Iran

Dr Paola Rivetti (School of Law and Government), DCU, Ireland

Wednesday 7th April 2021 (Week 13)

Queer Mobilities: Exploring Polish LGBT+ Migration

Inga Wojcik (Doctoral Scholar, SALIS), DCU, Ireland


More details about the webinars is available here.