Compassionate Leadership driving Successful Irish Family Businesses

Compassionate Leadership driving successful Irish Family Businesses: NCFB Annual Conference 2021

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Irish Family Business employees and owners, Business Leaders, Academics
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The DCU National Centre for Family Business 2021 Annual Conference, Compassionate Leadership driving Successful Irish Family Businesses, brings together a host of Irish leaders in the family business arena.

Research has found that family businesses who foster a compassionate and empathetic culture, and demonstrate a genuine concern for the treatment and well-being of their employees, fare better during in times of crisis and beyond.

Organised in partnership with AIB, this free online conference will delve into the importance and benefits of nurturing a compassionate and empathetic culture in creating solid foundations for the future of your Family Business.

Attendees will hear from members of the Sisk family, from the SISK Group, as well as speakers from Crowe Supermarkets, who will share details about compassionate leadership in their family businesses. Academics and corporate leaders will share actionable insights, as well as thoughts on how to best equip your firm.