Webinar – Diversity and Inclusion in the Irish Aviation Industry: The way forward

Webinar – Diversity and Inclusion in the Irish Aviation Industry

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With the support from the Irish Aviation Industry advisory board, DCU Business School has carried out a study to examine diversity and inclusion in the aviation sector. It is hoped the study will give companies better insight and the tools necessary to advance diversity in the workplace. 

More specifically with this study, DCU Business School:

• Enhanced the research on diversity and inclusion in aviation while building a deeper understanding of its industry effects

• Identified what factors contribute to the attraction, retention and promotion of a diverse workforce in the commercial aviation industry,

• Provided recommendations to the aviation industry on improving their practices and building a more inclusive work environment

Considering the impact that Covid-19 has presented on the industry, there is a growing need to emphasise diversity, equity, and inclusion and the state of work more broadly.

Key findings from the report will be launched at the webinar, followed by a discussion on how the industry can become more diverse and inclusive.