Image of Dave Rudden
Dave Rudden, DCU Writer in Residence 2022

Writing Clinics with Dave Rudden, DCU Writer in Residence 2022

Tues, 15th Feb on St. Patrick's, Wed, 16th Feb on Glasnevin Campus and Fri, 18th Feb on All Hallows Campus.
Open to DCU staff and students
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Free of charge
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This month, Dave Rudden, DCU Writer in Residence 2022, will be running a Writing Clinic on each of the DCU campuses.

The Writing Clinics are open to DCU students and staff.

If you’ve ever been curious about writing, a career in the arts, or simply want to discuss beard-grooming techniques and what fantasy series you’re obsessed with, just book an appointment at this link here, and bring your questions/comments/angry opinions about writing. Dave can't wait to hear them and help out in any way he can!

The clinics will take place on three dates: Tuesday 15th February on the St. Patrick's; Wednesday, 16th February on the Glasnevin Campus; and Friday, 18th February on the All Hallows Campus.