COLLab-Conference - Connecting HE-Teachers for innovative teaching in Europe

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DCU speakers at the conference: Prof Lisa Looney, Dr. Monica Ward, Prof Deiric Ó Broin and Dr. Fiona O'Riordan.

To prepare students for future challenges in digital and international working environments teachers across Europe strive to introduce innovative pedagogical methods and digital teaching tools. In tackling the didactic challenges of innovating practices and tools, teachers in higher education (HE) often turn to their immediate professional environment, usually within their own institute. But this network does not always offer a solution. Until now, finding like-minded colleagues in other institutions or even across boarders dealing with similar issues and who might even have found solutions has required time and effort. But this is about to change. 

The ColLab Platform seeks to support HE-teachers and developers in overcoming those obstacles and so benefit from the practices and experiences of colleagues from across Europe. To launch the ColLab Platform, on 10th February 2022 from 9am to 4pm an online-conference offers a condensed day of interexchange and fresh ideas about HE-teaching on a European scale. With the triad of inspiration, collaboration and sharing experience, the conference aims to be the starting point for the development of innovative teaching practices and, thanks to the platform, establishing a vibrant, collaborative international HE-teaching community. 

Inspirational talks on the future of teaching and learning are followed by presentations by teaching-award winners from different countries sharing their innovative teaching and learning experiences. Networking is at the heart of the conference and all participants will get ample opportunity to connect with others.  

The ColLab Platform fosters discussion, the sharing of practices and the formation of groups of teachers (Communities of Practice) based on innovative learning methods such as Challenge Based Learning (CBL), Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) or indeed any other new or challenging pedagogical practice. All participants at the conference will be invited to set up their profile, join a Community and even initiate their own Communities of Practice on the newly launched COLLab-platform.

The COLLab-conference is free of charge and will take place online. It is now open for registration and all HE-teachers and HE-developers are welcome to join. Further information can be found on the COLLab-Website.