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A Co-created Accessible Website to Combat Vaccine Misinformation & Disinformation

This live webinar will launch health campaign materials that were co-created with community partners and parents, to distinguish evidence-based scientific information from mere opinions and disinformation. 

The Science Foundation Ireland's Discover Programme funded project, 'Voices for Vaccines' is an exciting, innovative, and seminal project that worked directly with diverse community partners to inspire confidence in the science behind vaccines and counteract vaccine misinformation and disinformation. 

In collaboration with parents, and primary caregivers, early learning outreach workers and early learning educators, the Voices for Vaccines project has developed health campaign materials to assist people in distinguishing evidence-based scientific information from misinformation and disinformation. This project has developed and co-created health messaging that has been translated into campaign materials (infographics, videos and information leaflets). These use the diverse voices of parents, early learning educators and outreach workers to counteract disinformation and promote vaccine uptake among peers. The messages counter common myths and promote recognition of evidence-based vaccine information. They have been developed into a user friendly and accessible website and accompanying health materials.

The event will consist of a number of speakers. We will hear from:

- the designer and coordinators of the project on how they created the materials

-participants who co-created materials with us.

We will also host a panel discussion with experts involved in public health and misinformation. Speakers will include:

MC - Maria Delaney, award Winning Science and Investigative Journalist at the Journal and President of the Irish Science & Technology Journalists’ Association  -

Lána Cummins, National College of Ireland, Early Learning Initiative, Assistant Director

Dr Kirsty Park, DCU - Kirsty Park is a researcher at DCU Institute for Media, Democracy and Society (FuJo). Her work focuses on the intersection of political communications, social media, and society.

Prof Anthony Staines, Deputy Director Centre for eIntegrated Care, a former pediatrician with a background in epidemiology with a focus on the uses of health information systems.