Laura Grehan & Emma Clarke

Engaging Stakeholders in Two-way Dialogue: Observations from ADAPT’s #DiscussAI Think-Ins

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The Centre for Engaged Research is delighted to welcome Laura Grehan and Dr Emma Clarke to take part in our Autumn lecture series 'Community Co-Researchers' and present on their work entitled 'Engaging Stakeholders in Two-way Dialogue: Observations from ADAPT’s #DiscussAI Think-Ins'. This is the fourth lecture in our six-part guest lecture series and we are very excited to learn about Emma and Laura's intriguing work investigating Artificial intelligence and the role of technology in modern society.

ADAPT’s #DiscussAI Think-Ins foster public discussion, dialogue and deliberation around the ethical implications of AI development and use. This lecture will explore how stakeholders play a key role at all stages of this Think-In series, from identifying Think-In themes, to the co-creation of discussion scenarios and a co-assessment approach to the project’s evaluation.

Dr Emma Clarke is the Education and Public Engagement Officer in ADAPT, the SFI Research Centre for AI-driven Digital Content Technology at DCU, where she leads the #DiscussAI Think-Ins project.

Laura Grehan is Head of Education and Public Engagement in ADAPT.

This event will be held online via Zoom.