Event details  ​​What: A half day event on kindness in education  When: June 16th 2023 - 10:30 - 14:00  Where: 20 College Green/0G/005, Queen's University Belfast  Why: To find, reclaim and storify kindness in teaching

Storytelling Kindness in Teacher Education

20 College Green/0G/005, Queen's University Belfast
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What is kindness in teaching and why might it be important? Please come and hear our half of the story but then get to  write your own ending. Funded by SCOTENs, the standing conference of teacher educators, north and south, this research undertook to find out what kindness means to student teachers. The findings, including student teacher testimonies, were  gathered together in the form of a short comic book which you will hear about in this free half-day event. The event will be  framed by invited experts, with experience of leading from the heart, namely the acclaimed independent scholar Dr Catherine Cronin and graphical guru Bryan Mathers. In the event you will also participate in some hands and hearts-on  activity to help us explore what kindness in teaching is, what it is not and why it might be important. Food, paper, pritt-stick  and markers will be provided. Just bring your educational heart-body-mind.