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School of Communications
Academic Staff
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Assistant Professor
Andreas Rauh
Phone number: 01 700
Glasnevin Campus
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GLA. CA1122

Academic biography

Andreas Rauh is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communications at Dublin City University. His research addresses core issues and debates regarding audio and music production, media and the cultural industries, and digital technologies used in the production, circulation, and consumption of media. He teaches in a range of modules related to media studies, audio production, and multimedia.

During his doctoral research, he investigated how grassroots electronic musicians navigate the opportunities and challenges that arise from a musical landscape undergoing important changes. The work focused on key aspects of musicians’ experiences and practices, including motivations and working conditions, learning processes and what it takes to be successful, and how musicians have adapted to the rise of online platforms as key players in music circulation, consumption, and promotion. To investigate this complex scenario he combined a micro-level analysis of musician’s everyday practices with macro-level views of the music industries and online platforms for music, thus drawing from theoretical approaches from the traditional fields of cultural studies, sociology of culture, and political economy, as well as the growing production studies and platform analysis. His work has been published in the journals Social Media + Society and Dancecult.

Alongside his academic work, Andreas Rauh is a practicing musician, sound designer, and live performer operating largely in the worlds of electronic and dance music. He is currently coordinating the project Sincronia Sonora, which aims to record a wide variety of soundscapes experienced in indigenous communities through co-creative field-recordings. The project is funded with a grant from the British Council and Oi Futuro Foundation.