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What they say about HERC:

 “An inspiring, productive, creative team and network of international research associates have put HERC and DCU on the map of the community of higher education researchers and policy analysts”

Hans G. Schuetze, Emeritus Professor, former Director of Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education & Training, University of British Columbia, Canada.


“HERC is invaluable as a resource for researching, understanding and debating Irish higher education, and for seeing it not in isolation but in a broad international context”

John Field,Emeritus Professor, former VP Research, University of Stirling, UK.


“HERC plays a key role in holding higher education to account in terms of persistent inequality and continuing challenges in interdisciplinary knowledge creation”

Anne Ryan, Professor of Adult and Community Education, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland.


“The HERC team is forging creative links between European and Asian researchers, educators and policy-makers in lifelong learning”

Karen Evans, Emeritus Professor of Education, UCL Institute of Education, UK.


"HERC is a unique and important enabler of research around higher education and lifelong learning. It creates a space for inter-institutional collaboration and reflection on the role of the university in responding to unprecedented local and global challenges”

Dr Séamus Ó Tuama, Director, ACE (Adult Continuing Education), UCC, Ireland.