Higher Education Research Centre

Summer 2020

We appreciate your continuing interest in research and development in the arena of higher education and lifelong learning as everyine grapples with the current pandemic. Hopefully the outcomes of projects on which we are working will prove relevant to emerging policies and practices to support access to higher level learning for students of all ages and stages of life. In this context, some of you might be interested in contributing to work being led by some of our Italian colleagues on the theme:

Research and practices to learn how to reach a sustainable and healthy economic and social recovery post COVID-19


Best wishes and stay safe,

Maria Slowey, School of Policy and Practice, Institute of Education


About HERC

Contemporary universities and other HE institutions are large organisations engaged in complex change processes. As they seek to respond to stakeholder demands for ‘relevance’ in teaching, research and civic engagement, they also strive to retain the academic independence which has underpinned their distinctive role in, and for, society.

Working in partnership with researchers from a range of disciplines in Ireland (north and south) and internationally, in HERC we contribute to the development of an evidence base of objective research to help inform policy, practice and conceptual development in the field.

If you would like to hear more about our work, please do make contact.

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