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DCU Research Career Framework

Teaching Activity

At each level, research staff shall be expected to undertake teaching activities that shall not normally be more
than 50 hours per annum.  The basis for this provision is that the researcher benefits from professional development
opportunities within mainstream academia.  The activity, which will be allocated by the Head of School, shall be
under the supervision of a fulltime academic member of that school.

Teaching activities are defined as follows:

  • Teaching includes, tutoring informal mentoring, lab supervision, supervision of students on projects and
        the updating and design of course notes and materials etc.
  • The researcher shall not undertake the same level of responsibility as a fulltime academic staff member
        and shall not be responsible for a full programme and/or module.
  • In the event that a researcher is allocated lecturing, tutoring or lab supervision duties, hours spent on
        pre and post teaching activities shall count towards the 50 hours ceiling.
  • The activity can be undertaken at any time (i.e. outside of term), for example, tutorials for repeat examination
        in the summer etc.
  • Teaching activities are considered to be part of the role of the Researcher and no additional remuneration
        will apply.
  • Teaching activities will be allocated by the relevant Head of School.