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Presentation Skills for Professionals

Target Audience
All Staff
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€85.00 (Charged to your School/Unit/Centre)
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Course Code DCU034

This course will take place over two morning sessions: 09:30 am to 12:30 pm on Tuesday 7th June and again on Friday 10th June 

Aims of this course:

During this session we will share some skills and techniques to help you improve how you deliver an impactful presentation, paying particular attention to presenting remotely.  PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT A TECHNICAL SESSION ON HOW TO USE ZOOM OR OTHER ONLINE PLATFORMS.

Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 

  • Learn and practice the core principles of presenting a message, whether you are in a meeting, or delivering a presentation to colleagues or lecturing
  • Understand the 3 key elements to structure an outstanding presentation; the purpose, the audience and the story
  • Begin your presentation and create interest in your message; use the ROPE© method to engage your audience
  • Establish if your slides confuse and distract your audience or add value to your presentation 
  • Understand the difference between presenting to a class full of students or to your team face to face and presenting remotely
  • Learn to overcome some of the key challenges facing people; connecting with your audience, keeping everyone engaged and maintaining concentration levels when you don’t see your audience.
  • Learn some tips and techniques to keep yourself focused during your presentation.


Who should attend:

This workshop will  help people at all levels who need to deliver presentations, people who are nervous about giving presentation and those who never had any training in this area before.


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2. Click the Learning and Development tab 
3. Type DCU034 into the Keywords search field and click Search.

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