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Human Resources

Human Resources

Health and Wellbeing

Occupational Health

Occupational Health is concerned with the prevention of work related injury and/or ill-health.  The university supports
the occupational health of staff through the provision of the following:

 Pre-Employment Medical; the university receives a report containing advice on reasonable accommodations that
   should be made in order for the employee to be supported in their role.

 Referral of staff for an Occupational Health Medical.  An individual may be asked to attend an Occupational
   Assessment in the event of long term illness, concerns arising regarding the individual's well-being in the workplace,
   and if the individual acquires a disability during their employment with the university.  The emphasis at such times is
   on the well-being of the individual and the university's duty of care towards the individual.  The aim of sending the
   individual for the medical is to get advice and guidance regarding appropriate supports that may need to be put in
   place to enable the individual to carry out their role satisfactorily.

 Services and training provided by the University's Health & Safety Office

 Guidelines for the operation of VDU's

Health Assurance

DCU facilitates voluntary schemes with VHI through payroll. Group discounts are available to DCU staff members andapplication forms are available from the HR department.

Sick Leave

DCU operate a Sick Leave Policy to assist staff members in times of illness.  Leave with pay may be granted, subjected to a medical certificate being provided to HR.

Group Income Continuance

Income continuance is a salary protection plan/insurance, which may provide a guaranteed source of income in the event of a long or short-term temporary disability. The plan works to top up an individual's salary by up to 75% in the event that sick pay reduces or becomes exhausted as per the conditions contained within the DCU Sick Pay Policy.